MAC Saint Germain Dupes : That Barbie Pink ! <3

by Mallika Dharmani
3 minutes read

Mac saint Germain is a Barbie cool pink,it’s a typical bubblegum pink by Mac which goes really well with all skin tones although it pays off differently on different skin tones.
Since it’s a blue pink it can definitely make your teeth appear a little on the yellow side but nonetheless, it’s for all the girlies that want the Barbie look.
However, if you aren’t really sure about the color you can go with the dupes first.

MAC Saint Germain Dupes 3

# Mac Saint Germain vs. NYX Narcissus

this is the closest dupe for this lippy which is not going to disappoint you in terms of color and texture both.
Mac has a creamy texture and NYX is also known for its buttery texture.
A tad more of pink in it but still the closest possible dupe that you will find for saint Germain for $6.

MAC Saint Germain Dupes

Image Credit : Beauty on a Budget

# Mac Saint Germain vs. Maybelline Pink pop

Now it was really hard to come up with something that could dupe Saint Germain well but another one that was pretty close was Pink pop.
It definitely has more of pink and is not quite as frosty looking as the Mac one but one could still consider as a dupe.
you can try yours for $5

MAC Saint Germain Dupes 2

Image Credit : Makeup On a Budget

# Mac Saint Germain vs. Wet n Wild Dollhouse Pink

now personally is I talk about duping saint Germain then this would be the least likely out of all but why I have it on the list is that it’s still the most adorable out of all.
It has the right amount of pink and personally much more flattering than saint Germain any day.
Because it has more of pink it is likely to show up better on Indian skin tones especially…
comes for a price of only a couple of dollars and change.

MAC Saint Germain Dupes 4

Image Credit: Pinterest

You could also try cover girl enchantress.

Lemme, we know if you know of a few others. We would highly appreciate any suggestions that can help the girlies out there 🙂

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