Biotique Bio Almond and Cashew Serum Review

by Agnideepta Phani
6 minutes read

Hola ladies, each one of us has always been on a quest to find the ultimate solution to keep our hair frizz free and shiny throughout the day. After trying out a truck-load of products finally I came across a hair care product which almost reaches up to my expectations.The Biotique Bhringraj Oil has already been reviewed HERE.

Biotique Bio Almond and Cashew is a great option for you as it promises to keep your hair volumized in those hot summer days ahead.

I will be reviewing this product to bring to your knowledge if this product is really beneficial or not.

Biotique Bio Almond and Cashew Serum

Basic Information about Biotique Bio Almond and Cashew Serum

The product is essentially used to treat colored and permed hair. That being said, most of my readers are sure to have either their hair permed or colored. These have been a really common trend lately but it sure comes with a price. Our hair becomes rough and sometimes the texture is lost. Also, there is a fear of losing the color.

BIOTIQUE Bio Almond & Cashew Serum is a blend of pure almond and cashew oils. It replenishes your hair and also adds texture to it. Not only that, it seals your hair color and prevents fading. Being a Biotique product, it comes with the guarantee of being composed of 100% Botanical Extracts and has therapeutic properties. Also, the product has a great fragrance which is worth mentioning.


Price: INR 159

Net Volume: 40 ml

Biotique Bio Almond and Cashew Serum 3

Brand Claims:

  • 100% Botanical Extracts used.
  • Replenishes colored and permed hair.
  • Organically pure and preservative free.
  • The product has therapeutic properties.
  • Nature to preserve, nourish and enrich hair.

Product Contains:

Coconut Water-3%, Dandelion Root-3.5%, Manjishtha Root-2.1%, Lemon-0.5%, Almond Oil-2%, Cashew Nut Oil-0.5%, Cream Base.

Directions to Use:

  • Wash your hair with any shampoo.
  • Take a small amount of serum and apply it all throughout your hair from root to tips.
  • Do not rinse out after use.

Best Before: 3 years from packaging

Biotique Bio Almond and Cashew Serum 2

My experience with the Biotique Bio Almond and Cashew Serum

Having recently coloured my hair, I was experiencing roughness and frizziness for quite a while. Whenever I used to wash my hair I also had a fear of losing some colour. But then I came across this product and voila, it really worked wonders.

My hair did not get too oily but at the same time remained lustrous and the hair texture was also improving for sure. And not to forget the fragrance that it adds to your hair is just breath taking.

The packaging is standard like all other Biotique products and definitely leak free. Due to its small size, it can be carried anywhere you go. Yes, the price is a little high in reference to its size and content but at least the product maintains top quality and very less quantity is required to be applied at once.

Being 100% natural, I have never felt anxious about using it. It definitely keeps its promise and helps to lock the color of your hair. What more can we ask from a Serum!

Biotique Bio Almond and Cashew Serum 4

Overall performance of Biotique Bio Almond and Cashew Serum

All I can say is that I am head over heels for this product. So mentioning the positives for this product will be an easy task. Still, I would like to mention some negative points which might also be taken into account.


  • It replenishes and nourishes your hair.
  • No harmful chemicals.
  • Prevents color from fading.
  • Has an amazing fragrance.
  • Has a great shelf life.


  • Very less content.
  • Price is high.
  • Hair seems a little oily after a day or two.

Would I recommend?

I will absolutely recommend this product and even repurchase it myself. It is worth every penny you invest. A very good hair care product which will treat you with a gorgeous hair and a satisfied heart.


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