Habibs Silk And Shine Hair Serum Review + Habib’s Hair Tips for Summer

by V Sravanti
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Hello, girls! Hope you all are doing well! I regularly see people posting different kinds of products on this website and thus, today I want to introduce to you all something different from the regular reviews I post.

This is the silk and shine hair serum. This product is a proprietary of the very famous Jawed and Habib’s hair stylists. Unlike the traditional oils which are used to keep your hair smooth and shiny, this serum is the perfect fit for you if you want to protect your hair as well as give a shine to it.

Habibs Silk And Shine Hair Serum Review

Basic Info about Habib’s Silk and Shine Hair Serum


  • This product is for external use only
  • This has not been tested on animals

This silk and shine serum is made for fine, frizz-prone hair and this is made up of a weightless formula.


PRICE- this serum costs you around Rs. 320

Habibs Silk And Shine Hair Serum Review 1

COLOUR OF THE SERUM- transparent

BEST USE– lasts up to three years from the date of manufacture.

FRAGRANCE– the serum carries a mild fragrance of vanilla flavor but rarely makes your hair smell in that flavor. If you use more of it, then definitely your hair strands would catch its fragrance.

INGREDIENTS- Cyclopentasiloxane and dimethicone, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Phenyltrimethicone, Abyssinian Oil and Perfume

Habibs Silk And Shine Hair Serum Review 3

PACKAGING- the product comes in a transparent bottle and has a plastic cap over it. The nozzle is seen somewhat likes the ones which we get for perfumes and the nozzle top is pressed to release the serum.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE- This serum has to be applied after having you shampoo and conditioning your hair. Apply the serum to the wet hair which is still soaking for best results. You may squeeze out the excess water but do not put your hair completely dry while applying the serum.

Take a quarter of the amount of serum onto your palm and glide through your hair smoothly. Remember that your hair should be wet while applying this. After application, do not rinse out the hair again as you will lose the serum applied to it.


My Experience with Habib’s Silk and Shine Hair Serum

Habibs Silk And Shine Hair Serum Review 2

I just love the serum and this gives you equal conditioning to your hair. You can see every strand of your hair smooth and shiny on regular application of the serum. Moreover, I use this serum before straightening my hair as well to protect it from the heat of the hair straightener. I saw the best results out of its use.

Habibs Silk And Shine Hair Serum Review 4

Overall Performance of Habib’s Silk And Shine Hair Serum


  • Gives instant shine to hair
  • Controls dry and frizzy hair
  • Not heavy


  • Slightly sticky in nature

This product was developed by the team of Jawed and Habib, taking into consideration those people who face difficulty due to dry hair. It is formulated with ultra-light healer silicone oil complex. This is used to give your hair all the shine it needs and the nutrients make it strong.

This serum also contains Abyssinian oil in it to give shine and silkiness to your hair.


Would I Recommend Its Use?

I love the product and would surely recommend its usage. It is also an alternative to your regular conditioner. I know we can’t go out applying oil daily and thus we lose hair. This is very beneficial in aiding this purpose. I feel you all should try it at least once and see the change in your hair.


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