The Face Shop Real Nature Lingzhi Face Mask Review

by Vivekina Koul
5 minutes read

Who is it for? The Face Shop Real Nature Lingzhi Face Mask is for those looking for an anti-aging face mask.

The Face Shop Real Nature Lingzhi Face Mask

Price: Rupees 100 for one sheet


Directions to Use: Unfold the mask and carefully place it on your freshly cleansed face, avoiding the eye and mouth contours. Remove after 10-12 minutes and tap gently on the skin until the serum is completely absorbed.



My Experience with the Face Shop Real Nature Lingzhi Face Mask

This was tested on mom’s skin. Let’s all take a minute to appreciate the non-dripping nature of the serum. Unlike other sheet masks, the serum is consistent to stay on the face and does not drip down to the neck. I made mom use this while taking a half an hour nap, and there was no spillage. She slept like a baby. My mom has sensitive skin and this mask didn’t cause any irritation on her skin. Post-half-an – an hour of keeping it she was left with enough serum and gently tapped the rest of it into the skin, leaving her refreshed. The first visible difference that she noticed was that it was instantly refreshing and rejuvenating for the skin. Post the mask, she could notice a glow which lasted through two more days. Since it is a sheet mask it cuts down on preparation time and isn’t messy at all. Further, it can be used anywhere from an airplane to a hotel room. In terms of firmness, not much can be witnessed. However, I feel with frequent usage it will have a greater effect. I suggest women in their late 20s should use this to have firmer and suppler skin in their old age.


Also, for the price, the sheet mask delivers beyond expectation. It is less time consuming and cheaper than going to the parlor to especially get an anti-aging treatment done.


The Lingzhi on the packet has been shot very artistically and the packaging overall is very visually appealing. Further, there are indentations on both sides of the packet to make it easier to open and remove the mask. The packet although light and easy to pack is very durable and wouldn’t result in spillage if taken along on travels. The mask sheet is translucent and drenched in serum.


Since, I have no clue how Lingzhi mushrooms smell, I can’t comment on how realistically close it smells to it. However, for a mushroom, it smells quite pleasant.

The Face Shop Real Nature Lingzhi Face Mask 6

  1. Improves suppleness of the skin
  2. Adds a glow lasting for 2 days post application
  3. Smells pleasant
  4. Durable packaging
  5. Hygienic Packaging
  6. The serum is highly concentrated
  7. There is always extra serum which can be used to apply on the neck or hands
  8. Affordable
  1. Immediate firmness isn’t visible
  2. Contains Parfum
  3. Not available in stores in most cities, customers can’t always make informed decisions.
Would I repurchase it?

I already have for my mom and plan to start using it as soon as I turn 25.

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