Types of Women’s Bags – A comple Guide You Should Know!

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Types of Women’s Bags :Hey Girls!Hope you are having truckloads of fun in this New Year! I was looking at Anwesha’s article today . I just totally loved her #ootd post bdw..great Job Anwesha !! Ok,back to the point now 😛 . While reading her post, I saw she mentioned about her “Kelly” handbag. I had no idea what it was! I googled it and came to know why she called it that 😛  I have heard the word Tote Bag, Satchel Bag,Messenger Bags,Hobo bags etc…but I really cannot differentiate between them all!

So I thought, it would be a really fun post,if I can tell which handbag is which! Consider this as your introduction to the fabulous world of Handbags! Handbags 101 if you please 😀

# The Tote Bag

I have been hearing this name being used for handbags,for the past 10 years only. Actually,this has been the go to travel bag for ladies since 1940! It was finally in 1990s,that these bags became a fashion statement after Kate Spade started carrying them as designer bags. A tote bag is basically a large shopping/women’s bag with two handles. It always has an open top..The Kelly bag is a specially designed tote bag by Hermes. It is considered to be the most expensive  and exclusive status symbol. In common parlance any tote with the signature lock design  is now being referred to the Kelly Style. It was named after the legendary Hollywood actress Grace Kelly.In this photo, Deepika is carrying the Tom Ford Jennifer Handbag in Maroon. It costs  Rs 1.65 Lakh+  😛

Smart Girls Guide to Handbags (10)

Smart Girls Guide to Handbags (13)

Tom Ford Jennifer Tote-Looks Like this Inside

# The Hobo Bag

These bags are slouchy and made of soft material. Typically they have a half moon like shape.The handles are long. These bags are more about comfort. Great for shopping day outs! In this image Kareena is carrying Bottega Veneta Washed Cervo Bag,costing Rs 1.2 Lakh +

Smart Girls Guide to Handbags

Smart Girls Guide to Handbags (2)

Bottega Veneta Washed Cervo Bag

# The Satchel/ Messenger/Sling Bag

Is a large or small  bag with a long strap. Generally it is used as a crossover body bag.They may or may not have a zipper. These are the most practical of the lot.They can be large enough to carry your laptop or small enough just for your mobile,wallet and lipstick 😛 This bag is very popular among men too!  Athiya is flaunting the Gucci Disco Bag  in Rose Beige. Rs 66k +

Smart Girls Guide to Handbags (12)

Smart Girls Guide to Handbags (14)

Gucci Disco Bag in Rose Beige

# The Baguette

Not to be buttered on! This cute little number is inspired by the French girls carrying a load of bread tucked under their armed. This is an excellent companion to a pun picnic day. Just wear a sundress and paint the town red with your friends . This bag is lightweight and carries the minimal stuff. Kirti is flaunting the Fendi Monster Mini Baguette. This tiny monstrosity costs big!! A whopping Rs 1 lakh plus!!

Smart Girls Guide to Handbags (4)

Smart Girls Guide to Handbags (3)

Fendi Monster Mini Baguette

# Bucket Bags

Bucket bags are the glorified Indian Potli. They have a round or oval shape with a drawstring closure. Sometimes they have a magnetic button for added security.These are one off bags…you know,the kinds you carry according to the occasion.They can be big or small. They are not your go to bags,if you want to have a single multipurpose bag. Sonam is carrying the Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag. It will set you back by around Rs 68k+

Smart Girls Guide to Handbags (7)

Smart Girls Guide to Handbags (9)

Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag

#Clutch Bags

These bags are without any handles or straps. They work great when you have to go for a formal day or evening out . In such cases a bag hanging on your shoulders,spoils the entire look. Clutch bags come to our rescue!! Gauri Khan is rocking this Bottega Veneta Knot Clutch .This teeny tiny number will set you back by close to Rs 2.5 lakh !

Smart Girls Guide to Handbags (6)

Smart Girls Guide to Handbags (5)

Bottega Veneta Knot Clutch

#The Just For Fun Bag

These bags or clutches are quirky fun and a fashion statement . Again on the occasion bags. These bags let you show your funky and fun side!In this photo Sonam Kapoor is carrying the Lulu Guiness Pink Perspex Lips Clutch. This Hottie will set you back by Rs 27k. This one sure looks super cute!

Smart Girls Guide to Handbags (15)

Smart Girls Guide to Handbags (8)

I have tried to cover the most common bag styles. I cannot even begin to cover all of them. Each and every basic style has hundreds if not thousands, of sub styles!! Let me know how you liked this article! Did I miss out on any style?

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