Trichup Shampoo is it as Good as the Trichup Oil ?

by Rinali K
3 minutes read

Trichup Shampoo is another product from Vasu Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. to give long and lustrous hair, which every girl dreams of. Powered by a blend of Aloe Vera and Henna, the shampoo promises to give long, beautiful and healthy hair.Let’s see if this product does justice to its promises.

Trichup Shampoo

Trichup Shampoo 1


Details about Trichup Shampoo

This shampoo boosted with the natural goodness of Aloe Vera and Henna, it basically aims to solve our general hair problems.

  • Balances critical moisture in the hair
  • Nourishes and revitalizes hair follicles.
  • Stimulates hair growth


Rs.65 for 100ml


Wet your hair and apply the shampoo to work out rich lather. Rinse your thoroughly and repeat if necessary.

Suitable for all hair type?




Trichup Shampoo 3

My Experience with Trichup Shampoo


The bottle has a light lemon yellow color with a black color cap. I, personally, did not like the color of the bottle at all as it doesn’t signify anything that might appeal to its tagline.


The shampoo is pearl white in color and the shampoo is very mild.


The shampoo has a fruity fragrance and mostly everyone will like this smell.


I got Trichup Herbal Shampoo free with the Trichup Hair Fall Control Oil. So, I decided to give it a try hoping that it would give me as good results as its oil version. I had oiled my hair with Trichup Hair Fall Control oil and decided to wash it with this shampoo the next day in pursuit of beautiful hair.

The shampoo is stimulated with the goodness of Aloe Vera and Henna. While Aloe Vera improves scalp hair and helps in hair growth, Henna helps to keep hair moisturized; this shampoo does not do anything good for my hair.

I had to use ample amount of shampoo to wash off the oil, which is not the case when I use my normal shampoo. By that I mean I had to almost wash my hair 5-6 times to get it completely cleaned. Moreover, it does not produce rich lather even after using such decent amount of shampoo. Neither does it do anything great to make my hair look something even close to beautiful (as it claims). However, this shampoo is herbal and that’s all about it. So, after having great results from the oil, this shampoo is quite a disappointment and has let me down.

Trichup Shampoo 2


Overall Performance of Trichup Shampoo


  • Blend of Aloe Vera and Henna
  • Nice fruity smell


  • Not easily available in the market
  • Bad packaging
  • Does not clean away hair easily, we need to use a hefty quantity of the shampoo. Not at all suitable if we need to use it to wash off oil.

Would I Repurchase or Recommend?

No, this is a big no for me. After setting a high benchmark with Trichup Hair Fall Control Oil, this shampoo from the company does not live up to the expectations.

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Smriti March 7, 2018 - 10:03 AM

expected a lot more from this. thanks for the eye opener…great review

Sreeparna Ganguly March 7, 2018 - 10:13 AM

Nice and honest review :love
The shampoo is not worth a try then..

Deepsikha March 7, 2018 - 1:43 PM

So it’s a Dud then.
Thanks for this honest review. Going to steer clear of this one!