What are the different Types of Jeans ?

by Apurva
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Types of Jeans: When it comes to jeans, it is the most essential part of every individual’s wardrobe and life. A pair of jeans is like a life-saver for many lazy people out there because many brands recommend that they should not wash their jeans more often. But there are a wide variety of jeans available in different styles, so to know which pair of jeans is suitable for what body type, read further!

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Types of jeans and suitable body type
  1. Straight leg jeans- straight leg jeans are neither total body-hugging nor totally tight. It lies in between and makes your leg look longer. Suitable for- most body type
  2. Boot cut-These jeans have a different kind of fitting as it fits well till the knee area and starts opening on the calf muscle area. Suitable for- most body types, but goes well on curvy women.
  3. Skinny jeans- As the name suggests, it is body hugging and will perfectly form the shape of your legs. Skinny jeans come in low, mid, and high rise waist cuts, all of which are usually stretchable. Suitable For – hourglass body shape, or anyone with slim legs. Not recommended for pear-shaped or round body type.
  4. Boyfriend Jeans- it is called boyfriend jeans because it looks like it was borrowed from him. These jeans have a great fit near the waist and hip and then start getting broader in the lower portion. Suitable for- pear shaped, apple shaped and curve body. Avoid if you are short.
  5. Low rise jeans- this jeans type was very trending, as these jeans start from below your belly buttons. Low rise jeans style can be found in any jeans type. Suitable for- women with the hourglass-shaped body. Avoid if you don’t’ have a great body shape or curvy body.
  6. Flared Jeans- These were popular in the 90s, as it has a bell bottom style. It falls in the middle of the boot cut and bell bottom styles. Suitable for- tall and curvy/round/pear body type. Not recommended for short height.
  7. Cigarette jeans- this jeans type fall under skinny jeans type but are not full in length, they stop above your ankles. These are very popular these days. Suitable for- hourglass-shaped body or anyone with slim legs. Not recommended for big thighs or round body type.
  8. Jeggings- These are leggings in denim fabric. These are super body hugging and will take the shape your legs very easily. Suitable for- all body types
  9. Mom Jeans- these are almost broad almost everywhere. It is a high rise type of jeans. Suitable for- almost all and especially curvy/round body shapes.

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