Vajrasana And Its Benefits

by Aditi Bansal
3 minutes read

Vajrasana: It is also known as thunderbolt pose as it took its name from Sanskrit word vajra (thunderbolt). It is a kneeling asana in yoga. It is believed that this asana is the solution to all stomach related problems. It promotes good digestion as well. Vajrasana is a meditative posture that focuses on concurrently opening hearts and the third eye. The best part about this asana is that it can be performed even after a meal.

Vajrasana And Its Benefits

How To Perform This Asana
  1. Begin in mountain pose. Slow your breathing and begin to find your centre.
  2. Slowly kneel onto a mat or a blanket. Release your toes out from underneath and onto the floor sending expansion into the top of your ankles.
  3. Rest your buttocks onto the sole of your feet and allow your heels to separate until they touch the side of you hips. Place your palm down onto your knees as the arm drape or remain straight.
  4. The head and spine naturally balance over the pelvis. If the lower back is arching forward, draw your tailbone slightly under and move the front, bottom ribs slightly down and in. sit tall with stillness as you relax your eyes and mind. Breathe slow and normal for as long as the knees and ankles feel comfortable.
  5. Stay here from anywhere from seconds to hours. To exit, slowly lean forward and place your hands on the mat. Sit to one side to bring legs forward. Use controlled motions to restore blood flow to the legs.
Things you need to know before performing this asana
  1. One must avoid this asana if they have any sort of knee problem.
  2. Pregnant women should keep their knees slightly apart when they practice this asana to avoid any pressure on the abdomen.
  3. If you are suffering from any spinal column ailments on the lower vertebrae, its is best to avoid this pose.
  4. Those suffering from intestinal ulcers, hernia or any other problem related to the large or small intestine should practice this pose under the guidance of a yoga instructor.
Benefits Of Vajrasana
  1. Vajrasana is the magical asana which helps in better blood circulation in the body. It modifies the blood flow in lower portion, especially in the legs.
  2. Vajrasana is the solution to all the problems related to stomach like constipation, stomach disorder, digestive problems, acidity. It makes slower body flexible, strengthens sexual organs, tones body muscles (hips, thighs and calves) etc.
  3. It increases the process of losing weight if practiced regularly. You will see the difference in your belly fat after a few weeks of regular practice of this asana.
  4. It also helps in calming mind and relaxing of nerves.
  5. People with severe lower back problems should regularly practice this asana to be benefited.
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