Vega Vitamin E Refreshing Wet Wipes Review

by Navdita Rathore
7 minutes read

Today I am going to review a product which I think almost every one of us has it in their handbags and that is wet wipes. Why do I love using Wet Wipes? Let me count the ways! ✨🌿 In a world that’s constantly buzzing, where every minute counts, finding those little conveniences that make life smoother is like striking gold. For me, one of those golden nuggets has been the humble wet wipe. 🌟 First off, they’re the ultimate multitaskers. Whether it’s a quick refresh after a long day out, wiping down my phone screen, or even removing makeup, these little powerhouses have got me covered. They slip easily into any bag (or even pocket!) making them my go-to for on-the-go cleanliness and peace of mind. 🚀💼 But it’s not just about convenience; it’s also about being kind to my skin. The right kind of wet wipes can be gentle yet effective, leaving my skin feeling refreshed without irritation. In a pinch, they’ve saved me from feeling uncomfortable and helped keep my sensitive skin happy. 🌸 And let’s not forget their role in our current health-conscious world. Having a pack of antibacterial wet wipes has added an extra layer of protection, giving me confidence when touching surfaces while out and about. It’s like having a little security blanket in my back pocket! 🛡️ So here’s to the unsung hero of daily life – the wet wipe! Whether you’re a busy parent, a travel enthusiast, or someone who appreciates the value of cleanliness and convenience combined, there’s no denying the versatility and utility packed into each moist towelette. Swipe left to see some of my favorite moments where wet wipes came to the rescue!

Now I have used a lot of wet wipes from kaya, Kara, and even the Johnson baby ones but when I saw that Vega has launched their wet wipes, I was curious to see how they work. I have used I think almost 4 to 5 wipes out of the pack and I think I am ready to give my thoughts on this Vega Vitamin E Refreshing Wet Wipes.

Vega Vitamin E Refreshing Wet Wipes

Vega Vitamin E Refreshing Wet Wipes 3

Basic info about the Vega Vitamin E Refreshing Wet Wipes :

Vega refreshing wet wipes are natural and biodegradable, made of viscose fibres.Vega refreshing wipes help clean dirt and excess oil from face and neck leaving skin smooth and fresh. These wipes are enriched with Lemon for skin brightening, Mint for cooling and Vitamin E Oil for antioxidant benefits.

  • Dermatologically safe, Lingering fragrance
  • pH balanced, Anti-bacterial, Super soft
  • With water

Price: 50INR for 10 wipes

Natural/vegan? Yes

Sensitive skin alert: No

Vega Vitamin E Refreshing Wet Wipes 2

Vega Vitamin E Refreshing Wet Wipes 1

Vega Vitamin E Refreshing Wet Wipes

My experience with the Vega Vitamin E Refreshing Wet Wipes

I am a person who always has wet wipes in my bag. I just think they are very useful. I sometimes use them to take my makeup off on the go or to reapply liquid lipsticks (I don’t really like layering liquid lipsticks, I take it off with a wet wipe and then reapply it on my lips).

Packaging wise these come in standard wet wipes packaging with a seal on the top of the packet. The seal of it is pretty good as it gets real sealed after every time I take a wet wipe out. The ingredients and all the other details are mentioned on the back of the packet. The packet is travel-friendly as it contains only ten wipes so it fits in almost all my bags.

The fragrance of the wipes is lemony which feels very refreshing.

My experience with these wipes has been good I’d say. These wipes take off all the makeup very easy. Now as these contain lemon and mint, they do leave the skin feeling kind of dry after I take my makeup off with them but I don’t really mind it as I put a little bit of moisturizer on and I am good to go. For my lips, they work like a wonder. This is the main reason as I use liquid lipsticks on a daily basis and throughout the day I have to reapply them and that is when these come to the rescue. I take a wipe out and take the liquid lipstick off and then reapply it. It even gets the hardest liquid lipstick off my lips.

All in all, they serve the purpose I have bought them for very nicely but if you want to use them as wet wipes I will suggest you go for other variants of it as the lemon one I feel are a bit drying for the winters.

Vega Vitamin E Refreshing Wet Wipes 4

Vega Vitamin E Refreshing Wet Wipes 5

Overall Performance of Vega Vitamin E Refreshing Wet Wipes


  • Affordable
  • Travel-friendly fits in almost all of my bags
  • Smells refreshing
  • Takes the hardest liquid lipstick off
  • Takes the makeup off easily too.


  • A little drying for winters to use as a makeup remover on the go or just as simple wet wipes

Overall recommendation and repurchasing?

I will repurchase it because they serve the purpose I bought them for perfectly and you can totally give these a try if you are looking wet wipes for a similar purpose but if you want to have wet wipes or makeup remover wipes I’d suggest you try other variants as this one can feel a bit drying.

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Sreeparna Ganguly January 1, 2018 - 10:15 AM

Nice review and pictures..
I was going to get this variant from Vega and now I would certainly buy it!

Navdita Rathore January 2, 2018 - 1:23 PM

Yes, do try these out as they are unbeatable at this price.

Sone January 1, 2018 - 10:53 AM

This looks like such a promising product , so cheap at Rs 50..! :haanji

Navdita Rathore January 2, 2018 - 1:23 PM

Indeed it is. :rose:

Smriti January 1, 2018 - 11:54 AM

Absolutely. I like the pictures. And very well described.

Navdita Rathore January 2, 2018 - 1:24 PM

Thank you dear. :rose: