VLCC Neem Face Wash with Chamomile and Tea Tree Review

by Shivani Singh

Who is it for? VLCC Neem Face Wash with Chamomile and Tea Tree is good for all skin types, especially sensitive or acne-prone skin.

VLCC Neem Face Wash with Chamomile and Tea Tree


INR 49/- for 50ml (available at discounts)

How to use?

Take appropriate amount and apply on moist face and neck, massage gently, avoiding eye area in a circular motion to work up a lather. Rinse off with water. Use daily.

Sensitivity alert:

No, but advisable to avoid contact with a delicate area under the eyes.

My Experience with VLCC Neem Face Wash:


This face wash comes in a transparent plastic tube, with a flip to open cap. All necessary details are mentioned on the back of the tube.

Texture and consistency

It is in form of a green translucent gel. One needs to work it up with water well to get a smooth lather. It is not too runny or thick.


It has a mild plant like fragrance, especially like neem.

My experience

This face wash cleanses the skin by removing excess oil without over-drying the skin. I used it for a week and felt that it does control oil/ sebum secretion for quite some time. However, I have had acne issue since forever and did not control or reduce my pimples, as it claims to do. It doesn’t over dry the skin and applying a light moisturizer afterward would be enough.

It is mild on the skin but contains quite a lot of chemicals like parabens, SLS, perfume etc, which was quite disappointing because I had always thought that VLCC products were chemical free.

What do I like?
  • Affordable price.
  • Removes excess oil.
  • Mild fragrance.
  • Does not make the skin dry.
What didn’t I like?
  • Contain chemicals.
  • Did not do much for my acne.
Would I repurchase or recommend?

It is a mild face wash and is good for people who do not have acne or pimples regularly. But sadly it did nothing for me and I am let down with all the chemical ingredients. So I will not repurchase or recommend it.



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Apoorwa verma June 27, 2018 - 8:43 PM

I have used this and felt same as you … Its just an ordinary face wash and has got nothing special in it …
Honest review shivani ??

Shivani Singh June 28, 2018 - 9:34 AM

Thank u ??

Sreeparna Ganguly June 28, 2018 - 10:14 AM

I have this face wash. It is a mild one no doubt but can’t control new pimples…
I loved reading about your experience 🙂

Shivani Singh July 1, 2018 - 3:03 PM

Yup the mildness of it, is the only good thing!


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