Which are the Best Sunscreens for Combination Skin in India?

by Sreeparna Ganguly
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Best Sunscreens for Combination Skin: Even if you are not a makeup freak, you must maintain basic skin care for the betterment of your overall health and lifestyle. These days we can’t even imagine a skin routine without sunscreens. Even toddlers are advised to use sunscreens to prevent the harmful effects of sun exposure. Choosing a sunscreen for combination skin is a tricky thing. This type of skin has different skin types in different areas of the face. Generally, the T-zone is oily and the cheek area feels normal to dry depending on the weather condition. Sunscreens that are meant for oily skin feels comfy on the t-zone but they sometimes feel insufficient for dry parts of the face. Just the reverse happens if a moisturizing sunscreen is applied on combinations of skin. here are some easily available sunscreens that fit perfectly on combination skin.

  1. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel with SPF 50 & PA+++

This is a gel-based mattifying sunscreen. The formula is super comfortable and does not feel heavy or oily on the skin. Plus, it comes with broad-spectrum protection, and a high SPF and PA rating. This can be a great unisex sunscreen for combination skin. It is also a great product to apply under makeup.

Price- Rs.315 for 50gm & Rs.440 for 100gm

Lotus Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel SPF 50 Review

  1. Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 50++

This is the best non-comedogenic sunscreen with high SPF and dermatologically safe formulation. This is a lightly moisturizing sunscreen containing both physical and chemical sunscreen. The formula does not clog pores and cause pimples. This is my all-time go-to sunscreen.

Price- Rs.199 for 30ml & Rs.549 for 88ml

Neutrogena Dry Touch SPF 50 Review (2)

  1. Lakme Sun Expert SPF 50 PA+++ Ultra Matte Gel Sunscreen

Lakme has done a great job with this matte gel sunscreen. Though it is named as gel it is basically a moisturizer-type sunscreen with gel consistency. It settles into a non-drying matte finish. That is why it is a good sunscreen for combination skin. The UVA and UV B protection provided by this sunscreen is just perfect for Indian summer and the quantity is also good for the price.

Price- Rs.250 for 50ml & Rs.450 for 100ml

  1. Pond’s Sun Protect Non-Oily Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++

This non-oily sunscreen is one of the recent launches of Ponds. This is light sun protection cream that protects from broad-spectrum skin damage and prevents skin darkening, redness, pigmentation, and premature aging caused by UVA and UVB.

Price- Rs.169 for 35gm & Rs.329 for 80gm


  1. UV Doux Silicone Sunscreen Gel SPF 50 PA+++

This is a silicone-based matte sunscreen that is often recommended by dermatologists. The formula is oil-free, spreads evenly on the skin, and settles into a light matte finish. The silicone-based moisturizing part helps to spread the foundation on top of it. The SPF value is also sufficient. All in all, this is a good sunscreen that mixed skin type people will love.

Price-Rs.658 for 50gm

Which are the Best Sunscreens for Combination Skin in India 2019?

  1. Lakme Sun Expert Ultra Matte SPF 40 Pa+++ Compact

Generally, we apply sunscreen before applying makeup. Once you have full face of makeup, reapplication of sunscreen is not possible. But, we all know how important it is to reapply sunscreen at regular intervals. This sunscreen compact by Lakme solves all these issues just in one go. You can do touch-ups with this and even set your makeup with this. The powder has SPF 50 and high PA rating so it is a must in your kitty.

Price- Rs.220 for 7gm

Lakme Compact Sun Expert 2

  1. Mamaearth Ultra Light India Sunscreen SPF50 PA+++ With Turmeric & Carrot Seed

If you want to go organic with your skin care then do try this one. It is a paraben and silicone-free sunscreen with slight yellow tint. It is a moisturizing formulation that gives a comfortable finish. This one is specially designed to cater the needs of Indian skin.

Price- Rs.499 for 80ml

Mamaearth Ultra Light Indian Sunscreen

  1. Avene Very High Protection Sunscreen Emulsion SPF 50+

If you can spend a bit more for your sunscreen then definitely try this colloid form sunscreen for combination skin. The formula is well known for its non-greasy, light feel. It contains vitamin E and thermal spring water those work together to reduce sun damage and irritation.

Price- Rs.1600 for 50ml

Avene Eau Thermale Emulsion SPF 50+

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