Diet vs Exercise Which is Better for Weight loss?

by Rashi S
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Diet vs Exercise Which is Better for Weight loss?


A diet is explained as the food consumed by any living being. It is often also defined as the specific consumption of food for health or weight-loss purposes. There are many types of diets that focus on providing the body with the required nutrients while also losing weight.

Each body has different requirements and it might require a diet that might not suit everybody. Thus it is important to find a diet that is effective for you.

A diet is a very important part of weight loss and must be followed diligently to achieve results.

Healthy eating would not only help in losing weight but will also prevent diseases such as diabetes etc.

Pros of a Diet

Diets if followed in a correct and healthy way would not only help lose weight but also give you a healthier lifestyle. Here are some of the advantages of dieting

  1. It helps in weight-loss
  2. Prevents and controls diseases
  3. Cleanses the body of toxins
  4. A healthy diet is proven to elevate the mood
  5. Gives stronger teeth and bones

Cons of a Diet

While dieting might incorporate a healthy lifestyle, a badly followed diet might lead you to the opposite end of that idea. It is good to follow a diet and keep your body healthy but following an improper and unhealthy diet, intentionally or unintentionally, might lead to some serious problems.

  1. Crash diets can result in weight fluctuations
  2. High-protein diets can lead to liver failure
  3. There can be muscle loss without any exercise
  4. Low-calorie diets lead to slow metabolism
  5. Can cause extreme hunger

NOTE: The above-mentioned disadvantages of dieting are based on different kinds of diets. There are many diets that have more advantages than disadvantages and are healthier. Thus it is necessary to find a diet plan which will consider your daily requirements and not simply weight loss.


Exercising helps in burning off calories but it proves hard to actually lose weight. This could be because exercising makes you more hungry and you end up eating more than you actually burn.

Exercise however when done the right way with a good diet plan can help lose weight. It also should be kept in mind that exercising is not only about weight loss but also a healthier lifestyle.

Exercise can help in maintaining weight loss, increase metabolism and make the body fit and active.

Pros of Exercising

Much like dieting when done the right way, exercising can lead to major weight-loss and more active life.

  1. Weight-loss
  2. A more active life
  3. Makes you happier
  4. Good for muscles and bones
  5. Keeps diseases at bay
  6. Helps improving memory

Cons of Exercising

The right amount of anything is good for the body but the wrong amount is equally destructive. While shedding some weight might be necessary but remember not to overdo the workout, it will cause more damage than help you.

  1. Heavy exercise destroys diets as it gives food cravings
  2. It can be associated with body perception disorders.
  3. Can cause diabetes (due to the food cravings mentioned above)
  4. It can eventually damage muscles and joints

Diet vs Exercise: Which is Better?

It is a known fact that dieting is more sought after as compared to exercising, one of the reasons is how easily it can be incorporated into our daily life while time has to be taken out to exercise.

In an ideal situation, you should exercise and diet together and make them a daily habit, not only to lose weight but also for a healthier lifestyle.

Both dieting and exercising should go hand in hand for the most effective weight-loss regime. That being said, if it came to choosing the better option out of the two the most important thing for weight-loss is dieting.

Even without exercising an appropriate diet can help you lose weight, slowly but consistently. But if you keep eating unhealthy food, despite exercising you might find yourself unable to lose weight.

There are many disadvantages and health risks due to unhealthy and incorrect diets but a proper, well-planned diet might be all you need to shed some kgs.

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