Anatomicals Deep Cleaning Mud Mask Review

by Prachi Singh
4 minutes read

Who is it for? Anatomicals Deep Cleaning Mud Mask is for those who want an extremely deep cleaning mask, that strips off all the oil from your skin.


135/- for 15ml

Sensitivity Alert?

Dries up your skin.

How To Use?
  1. Apply this mask on a clean face
  2. Let is stay until it dries
  3. Rinse off with cold water

Anatomicals Deep Cleaning Mud Mask

My experience with Anatomicals Deep Cleaning Mud Mask


It’s a one-time sachet of peach color with ” Anatomicals farewell the scarlet pimplehell deep cleansing mud mask” printed on it. It has all the necessary info about the mask. I would say that anatomicals packaging is extremely appealing and handy.


Has muddy texture, like most clay mask have. But it’s slightly darker in color. I remember my mom got clay mud from the river bank of Ganges, it’s much similar to this mask.


Has refreshing aqua, but artificial fragrance. Which slowly fades away. Doesn’t lingers at all after cleaning it.

Ease of Application

You can use a brush or fingers to spread this mask.

I use a brush, and spread it all over my face in thick layer.

Let it stay until it dries out.

Wash off with cold water.


As a pimple mask, this is a major miss out. Though it deep cleanses your skin. So it is more of a precautionary thing than a cure. But you may construe it as a pimple cure mask, as it is touted as a farewell the pimplehell, so the pimple must there to give a farewell right? But that’s just my personal interpretation.

My Experience

Not a satisfactory experience, you won’t want a one time pack at more than 100 bucks and not get any results. If it is a one time or two-time pack then the result must be instant. Or should be made available in a different kind of packaging too. It gives a burning sensation on application, which fades away after 5 minutes. This mask dries up in 20 minutes approx. after cleaning your face. You will feel light, oil-free. Your skin will look matte and pores will reduce in appearance (But wait, won’t any other mud pack deliver that? I mean that is what mud packs are for! I can name a lot of them which come in a monthly tube and are reasonably priced). After the water dries up, your skin starts feeling stretchy. Which I hate. Not all mud masks do that. So I definitely am very unhappy with how this turned out.

Overall performance of Anatomicals Deep Cleaning Mud Mask

  1. Fragrance
  2. Tightens pores
  1. Not value for money
  2. Gives flaky skin
  3. Feels stretchy
  4. Doesn’t delivers its claims
  5. Does no good to pimples
Would I repurchase/recommend?

No, never! You can do without it.

Oily skin beauties here’s an advice. You don’t want a mask that strips off natural oils from your skin. Because that will only produce more oil. So don’t go for this pack, not even once in 6 months. Your skin deserves better.

Rating: 0/5

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