Air Pollution Masks are a MUST Have- Meo Air the Best Out there!

by Mallika Dharmani
6 minutes read

Up until yesterday who knew air pollution masks even existed? And lo behold suddenly the market is absolutely flooded with filter masks/air mask/breathing masks…! Our cities are now polluted beyond repair. Breathing problems are no longer limited to old people. The children and even the healthy young are badly affected! We cannot do much about the environment on our own, but we can definitely FILTER out the worst of it right? After all, breathing fresh clean air is a prerequisite for a healthy life!

I tried many Pollution masks and still wear them around because hey- Diwali or no Diwali, there is no end to Pollution and one has to find a way around it.

One of the most common things that I have observed that people end up selecting the wrong Pollution masks. They then wonder why their throat is still ticklish or where did that bad cough come from?

The key here is to find a Pollution mask that actually WORKS!

Here are some quick pointers, on what to look for in a good Pollution mask!

  • Electrostatic Filtration- This means a filter fine enough to trap the toxic gaseous waste in the air, which often leads to health problems like asthma and bronchitis.
  • Good respirator– Filtering gasses is not enough! It is equally important to filter the suspended particulate matter in the air. SPM like the PM0.1 particulate matter is a serious health hazard! The material of the mask should be such that it doesn’t let any of these particles and bacteria get in.
  • Excellent Fitting– What good is a mask if it keeps falling off? You don’t need a mask that doesn’t fit well around the nose and gives access to that impure air to just creep in. If it doesn’t fit well then it is useless.
  • Ease of Breathing– Pollution masks should not obstruct normal breathing in any way! One should always be able to breathe well and with ease even if we have a mask on.

Meo Air Mask – The Best Pollution Mask Ever!

The Mask that I have recently stumbled on is the Meo Air Mask. Read on to know why it is a savior in every sense.

  • Meo Air Mask is indeed a revolutionary mask that has been designed after checking all the demerits of the existing air masks in the market.
  • It combines the best features of all the other masks, which clearly makes it the best.
  • When I talk about filtration, Meo is made up of a unique material- the wool of Helix sheep which is known for its filtration properties. This mask effectively filters 99.99% of the PM0.1 particles in the air and 99.99% of the bacteria too!
  • These masks are comfortable to wear and at the same time, they provide you a great fit which doesn’t let the air from outside seep in around the corners.
  • The mask comes with changeable covers and replaceable respirators. Reusable and fit functional!
  • The product not just focuses on the effectiveness but also on style! Meo comes in a lot of different and stylish covers.These have been carefully designed by the designer, Karen Walker. There is even a Meo fashion series to choose from!

Are you still going to take chances with breathing or will you make the smart choice? 😉

Where Can You Buy This?

You can get 10 % off using the code GLOSSY10  !

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Smriti S April 4, 2018 - 1:13 PM

What more is needed? these are better than our regular scarves. lovely article Mallika. much needed in this pollution. loved it… :love :rose: :balleballe

Smriti S April 4, 2018 - 1:57 PM

and yes “yeh kaali kaali aankhein, ye gore gore gaal” :haanji :haanji , lovely you look mam :rose: :rose:

Deepsikha April 4, 2018 - 1:23 PM

Going to purchase this ASAP!
Thanks for such an informative post Mallika! :love

Apoorwa verma April 4, 2018 - 1:50 PM

I generally fcae lot of allergy issues , and this is all what is needed .. loved reading your review , knowing all thr interesting facts ….
Great article Mallika :love :rose:

Sreeparna Ganguly April 4, 2018 - 10:25 PM

The post is really informative..
Anti-pollution masks are becoming essentials day by day.. This one seems a great option to go for..