Aroma Magic Charcoal Face Wash Review

by Mallika Dharmani
4 minutes read

Activated charcoal has been a much-raved ingredient for long and sure as anything it is every bit as effective as it is talked about. I have been on a perpetual hunt for charcoal infused products and I end up buying anything which promises to have activated charcoal, especially the face washes. They will definitely pull out more dirt than your average facewash. Today I will be reviewing the Aroma Magic Charcoal Face Wash Read on to know what to expect from this face wash.

Aroma Magic Charcoal Face Wash

Price and Quantity
INR 195 for 100 ml
How To Use

Apply to moist face and neck, massage gently and rinse off with water.
For best results, use every morning and night or before applying Aroma Magic ABC Pack.
Apply Aroma Magic moisturizer according to skin type, to complete the beauty regimen.

My Experience With Aroma Magic Charcoal Face Wash

Packaging- The face wash comes in a tube from which is hygienic and has a screw on cap which is a bit cumbersome to take on and off again and again but one can be sure that it doesn’t end up leaking on the way if you travel with it.

Texture and Consistency- The facewash has a gel consistency with charcoal powder spread throughout and the color is not a jet black but still, I would say it’s black in color.

Fragrance- Usually charcoal infused products have a neutral fragrance or rather no fragrance at all but this one has a coconut-cocoa fragrance.

Experience- The facewash is a gel one hence one can’t expect much foaming lather from it. The facewash works best if applied on dry or semi-wet skin if you are looking forward to a little lather. The facewash gives a rather slippery lather with slight bubbles. Also, it doesn’t come off that easily. I prefer foam cleansers that come off in one wash but you need to splash a little more water to get this one off. It doesn’t give the skin a squeaky clean feel but upon drying the skin is well cleansed and looks fresh immediately.
The facewash is not the kind that would take off your makeup owing to the low lather but it is a good every day facewash for getting clean pores in the long run. The skin doesn’t feel dry after a wash and over the period I noticed that my skin not only felt soft but also a lot cleaner! Thanks, charcoal 😛

Aroma Magic Charcoal Face Wash 3

Pros -

•Cleanses well
•The fragrance is great if you like the sweet kind
•No leak
•Hygienic packaging
•Cleansed pores and fresher skin can be observed.


•Doesn’t lather well
•No squeaky clean effect

Would I Repurchase and Recommend

I would repurchase this facewash to people who like gel based face washes and would like to have cleaner skin and pores. However, I wouldn’t repurchase this as I stick to foam cleansers more.

Rating- 3.5

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Sreeparna Ganguly February 9, 2018 - 1:28 PM

I like gel face washes so this one is worth a try 🙂
Nice pictures :love :rose:

Juhi Sharma February 9, 2018 - 3:36 PM

I haven’t tried any charcoal face washes till now because of my combination skin. Looking forward to try this now :haanji :love Great Review

Smriti February 9, 2018 - 5:01 PM

great review..

Prachi singh February 9, 2018 - 10:52 PM

Great review and images ❤ hey which camera or phone you use for pictures? I have hard time getting the right clicks.