Best Shoes to Wear with Maxi Dress !

by Puneeta Bassi
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Hey girls, With tons of shoes available in the market and trend changing every season it’s difficult for many women to decide what to wear and when to wear the right pair of shoes with the right dress. So today, I am going to tell you guys about one of the most challenging things about wearing a long dress, that is what Best Shoes to Wear with Maxi Dress.

Long dresses are difficult to style, but not impossible whether you’re looking for shoes to wear in the summer or winter season.

I will tell to my favorite types of shoes to wear under your favorite long dresses and if you want to look like a million dollar baby, then I am here to offer you best types of shoes.

Flat Sandals

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Thanks to new styles and designer brands flats are now sexy and comfortable with heels or any other footwear.

With the right color, design, and size it can make a simples look dress trendy.

Many girls are either shy or uncomfortable wearing heels for parties or different occasions so flats are your best friend.

Surely, it’s a precious footwear style that’s stylish as well as comfy for everyone whether for teenagers or older women and for every season they make you stand out from the crowd and steal all the attention.


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Chilly weather!!! Or Hot summer!!

Nothing beats booties, there is no excuse to give up wearing skirts and dresses even in chilly winter even.With the season’s best tall boots or ankle boots, they look good in every dress or even in casual jeans. You can match it up as per your own requirement and availability.

Personally, I love long flat boots as they look sexy and comfortable all at once. Though you can match up your ankle length boots with long dress easily as they really look sexy and trendy but my personal preference is long boots.

Bold colors like Black, Red, and Blue are my all time favorite.Silver and Golden pencil boots are in the trend with Long black Dress.




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As a child, we all loved our pair of Converse or even Nike shoes. So, Let’s take out our inner child and get trendy with the right pair of Sneakers. They make a statement if you grab a right pair for you.You easily can make any road to your runway or street style. Long sexy sheaths or whether your short micro minis they work amazingly with all. This right footwear is a blessing for your style and feet as well.


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There would hardly be any girl who does not own or want a  perfect pair of sexy heels for herself.

Making the right choice with your footwear can make or break an evening, it is as difficult to find a perfect dress.

With heels, the key to pull of a long dress is the perfect length to floor ratio.

We all know that all heels do not go well with every long dress, so the right match is a very important task.

For a formal look, wear a peep-toe pump. You can take wedges for your office look as well as they are a comfortable option that gives you a lift. For a casual and sexy look platform and strappy sandals look perfect and sexy with every dress.


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Best Shoes to Wear with Maxi Dress

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The easiest way to style up your dress is by pairing it up with a pair of classy loafers.

Loafers are no longer for men but also for women now.

So pull on your favorite dress and loafers in your feet. Loafers look great when styled right with long dresses.

Add some chunky accessories with your dress and you are glamour ready.

Also, a leather jacket or scarf look amazing with it.

Basic guidelines for styling  shoes with dresses

▪      Match your shoe style with your dress style:

This is sort of obvious question that whether your dress matches your shoes or not. Try to keep your shoes and dress in same style range.

▪      Bare legs or not:

To go bare legged or not is really a preference as every woman are different their sense of style is also different. Some want to wear tights or leggings and some want to just be comfortable in their own skin. The choice is up to you but make sure it goes well with a dress as well.

▪      Shoe length(especially in boots):

When your wear boots make sure that there should be a few inches of “LEG PEEK” between the top of the boots and the hemline.

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I mostly wear sneaker or brouges with long skirts or dresses never tried up booties… Or flats.. I surely gonna try this out.. Loved reading this one

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