Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Flawless Face Wash Review

by Mallika Dharmani
5 minutes read

An ugly breakout is a nightmare in itself and if that wasn’t enough the marks left behind are a short horror story that no one wishes to come across. However no matter what skin type we have, we all go through those Uggh breakouts and the even more dreaded blemishes. Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Flawless Face Wash promises to primarily focus on fading the dark spots which I bought because I have faith in this brand but it didn’t exactly meet my expectations. Read on and know why.

Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Flawless Face Wash

Basic Information About Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Flawless Face Wash

Price and Quantity

INR 60 for 50ml

What Does The Brand Claim

This fresh-foaming gel is blended with the juices of Pineapple, Tomato, Lemon and Papaya fruit to visibly lighten skin for a fairer, flawless look. With regular use, skin reclaims its soft, smooth, youthful tone and texture.

Lightens and brightens complexion

Visibly whitening scrub wash

Enriched with goodness of lemon and Papaya

Organically Pure & preservative free

Dermatologist tested for safety, no animal testing

Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Flawless Face Wash 1

Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Flawless Face Wash 2

How To Use

Gently massage over wet face & neck with fingertips, lather & rinse, morning and evening.


Margosa leaf ext, winter cherry root ext, moong seed ext, honey, coconut oil, ritha fruit ext, purified water Q.S.

My Experience With Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Flawless Face Wash

Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Flawless Face Wash 3

Packaging- The product comes in a tube which again comes in various sizes. I love how they have designed the various different sizes for the customers convenience. The tube has a flip top- easy to open and close and quite safe to carry around.

Texture and Consistency- This facewash is rather like a milky liquid which has a flowing consistency. The face wash is quite runny and you will easily get a large amount out if you aren’t careful with it.

Fragrance- The facewash has a strong fragrance and it reminds me of a flower bouquet. The fragrance doesn’t linger on after the wash but is still quite strong.

Experience- This facewash like the other face washes from biotique doesn’t really create a lot of lather-just a slippery slimy feel with some bubbles but not the thick lather that one usually expects from facewashes. But that’s okay because biotique products are all natural and have no artificial soap so I don’t mind that one bit. There is little lather however the facewash cleanses effectively. It is quite successful at removing the everyday dirt and makeup but I would suggest that you use a makeup remover prior to this face wash because it doesn’t have any artificial soap to wash all of that off. The face wash doesn’t leave behind any fragrance once I am done washing my face and it makes my skin feel smooth and clear of oil. It doesn’t rip the skin off the moisture so it is mild too. Plus it is all vegan (thumbs up).

However, I did not notice any change in my blemishes so I wouldn’t say that this fades dark spots which it clearly claims to.

Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Flawless Face Wash

Overall Performance of Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Flawless Face Wash

Pros –

  • Vegan Vegan Vegan
  • Cleanses well
  • Doesn’t strip the skin of the moisture
  • Normal and oily skinned people can skip moisturizer
  • No stretchy feeling
  • Keeps oil off face for a good two hours
  • Makes the skin smooth and nice


  • No difference in blemishes
  • Does not fade away those dark spots

Would I Repurchase and Recommend?

I would recommend this face wash to anyone to thinks they would like an all natural product that cleanses well and keeps the skin smooth, however, doesn’t really expect it to work as a blemish fading facewash.

Rating- 3.5 (doesn’t do the main thing that it promises)

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Sreeparna Ganguly January 5, 2018 - 11:09 AM

You explained it well Mallika :good:

Meghal January 5, 2018 - 11:26 AM

Biotique products give better results than this gave :bye:

Smriti January 5, 2018 - 1:30 PM

I am surprised that even though it contains pineapple and tomatoes, it doesn’t reduce blemishes. Great review.