Biotique Bio Papaya Scrub Wash Review

by Somya Agarwal

Who is it for? Biotique Bio Papaya Scrub Wash is for those people who are looking for an everyday facewash that will cleanse their face well along with a gentle scrub.


INR 110 for 100ml.

Sensitivity Alert?


How to Use?
  1. Wet your face with water.
  2. Gently massage over wet face.
  3. Lather and rinse with water.

Biotique Bio Papaya Scrub Wash

My experience with Biotique Bio Papaya Scrub Wash

Packaging :

The package is simple and convenient. It comes in a plastic tube with all the details mentioned on it. It has flip open cap with a small opening.


The face wash has gel-like consistency and contains fine apricot granules. The face wash is slightly yellow in color.


I really like the fragrance of this facewash. It has a fruity sweet fragrance that stays on even after washing the face.

Ease of Application:

A pea-sized amount of product is required for the whole face. The tube easily oozes out the product that can be used for washing the face. Also, this face wash does not lather, you just have to massage it for a couple of seconds and then rinse with water.


This face wash cleanses your skin really well without drying it. It performs the dual action of scrubbing and washing the face.

My Experience :

Biotique Bio Papaya Visibly Ageless Scrub Wash is basically a facewash which cleanses your face along with scrubbing it. It contains very fine apricot particles that do not irritate your skin at all. It leaves your face squeaky clean removing all the dirt and dust along with scrubbing it. It is a really good everyday scrub wash. Also, it is very affordable, you get a great amount of product at a very less price.

This face wash smells really good, and the fragrance stays on even after the facewash.

Overall Performance of Biotique Bio Papaya Scrub Wash

The facewash performs the dual action of scrubbing and washing the face. It is a really good everyday cleanser for the face to make it squeaky clean.

Pros :
  1. Cleanses skin.
  2. Affordable
  3. Gently scrubs the face.
  4. Does not dry down skin.
  5. Smells really good.
  6. Apricot particles are very fine, they do not irritate your skin. 
Cons :
  1. Nothing
Would I repurchase or recommend?

I’m definitely repurchasing this. You all should definitely give this product a try.

Rating:  5/5

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