The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Liquid Peel Review

by Rashi Sharma
3 minutes read

What is the product? The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Liquid Peel is a liquid which, when applied and rubbed on skin peels off the tanned and dead skin puting forward our actual skin. It exfoliates and gently peels off impurities from your skin, lifting dead skin cells and residuals. This revolutionary gel-to-peel leaves skin clean and purified from the day’s pollutants. Continued use will leave a fresh, smoother and more luminous youthful-looking skin. It nourishes, enriches, and uplifts. It’s like a spa treatment right at home.

The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Liquid Peel


INR 1995


145 ml

Skin alerts:

Just be a little careful while using it on acne. No need to worry otherwise. It’s a great product and will not cause any harm to your skin.


Exfoliating liquid


The liquid peel comes in a plastic bottle with a pump dispenser which makes it very comfortable to use. Since it’s a drops of youth range its packaging is of green colour.



How to use:

Even tho the product seems to be a little complicated but it’s very easy to use. It’ll never exfoliate your skin the wrong way. Recommended for use in the evening, 2-3 times per week for best results. Use after removing make-up (and before cleansing) on dry skin. Dispense 2 pumps onto fingertips and massage onto face for up to 20 seconds until exfoliating ‘residues’ noticeably appear and are peeled off. Rinse thoroughly with water.

My experience with The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Liquid Peel

Talking about my experience with this product. I can’t really think of any product better than this one in the market. It has made exfoliating and peeling very comfortable and easy. I completely enjoy using the product. After the very first use I felt the tan going. My skin was very soft and rejuvenated. It deep cleansed my skin. I felt the difference in my skin. The dead skin was peeled off. Even my nose was much cleaner and looked pore free. The bottle is travel friendly so it travels everywhere with me as it has become a necessity now.

The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Liquid Peel 4

The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Liquid Peel 5

  1. Extra deep exfoliating
  2. Travel friendly
  3. Fast acting
  4. Removes all dirt and impurities
  5. Reveals clean and clear skin
  6. Peels off dead skin
  7. Easy to use
  1. Availability issues

I would totally recommend this product.



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Sreeparna Ganguly January 2, 2018 - 4:30 PM

Wow! It actually does what it says :good:
Nice review :love

Sone January 2, 2018 - 5:17 PM

oohhh this sounds wonderful..! Great review Rashi :love

Smriti January 2, 2018 - 5:51 PM

Absolutely well detailed. Loved every bit of it. And the good thing is after paying 2000 bucks,this body shop product actually works.