Braun Face Epilator 810 – Should You Buy ?

by Neha M
4 minutes read

Who is it for? Braun Face Epilator 810  is for all the ladies who find frequent trips to the parlor a nagging errand and for those who need a quick and easy alternative to the regular waxing and threading sessions.

Braun Face Epilator 810

How to use it?

To use the Epilator, make sure that it is installed with an AA battery. The epilator has a twin direction switch, hence allowing mobility through the face. Ideally the movement of the epilator should be against the hair growth, for maximum results, however, you can use it as you feel comfortable. Don’t forget to pull the skin before epilation so that skin doesn’t get stuck in the epilator and even if it does do not panic, the epilator will stop immediately.

For Facial cleansing, pull out the epilation head and put on the cleansing brush head. Apply any facial scrub or even a face wash and then switch on the cleansing brush, move your hand in a circular motion, enjoy the soothing massage. After cleansing washes your face with normal water.


I bought this epilator off Flipkart at INR2,499 however the MRP is INR4900.

My experience with Braun Face Epilator 810


With this product, Braun has become the first company to launch an epilator-facial cleanser designed especially for the face. I always had a problem with my sideburns and all the ladies know that there is no perfect method to remove hair from the face. Threading makes the growth thicker, waxing loosens the skin and home remedies just take forever to work. This epilator truly was like a blessing for me. It removes hair as tiny as 0.02 mm from the root, without pulling the skin. Its head is designed for high precision for areas such as upper lips, chin, sideburns, and forehead. I wouldn’t recommend using it for the eyebrows, because there is always a risk of ruining the shape, however, if you are professional and are confident enough then you can definitely use it for the eyebrows as well. I Have been using this epilator for 18 months now and it has rescued me from multiple situations and saved me the most fretted trips to the parlor. As far as the cleansing brush is concerned, it does an amazing job removing makeup and can be used for regular exfoliation, it will leave your skin feeling squeaky clean, fresh and soft.


The Epilator comes in a black container with different sections for different parts. This container is covered in a black and purple box. The packaging contains the epilator, cleansing brush head, travel cap and a cleaning brush. The container also has a transparent cover to keep everything in place.

Colour and Texture

The epilator is white in color and has a slim body, making it travel-friendly and easy to use.

Sensitivity Alert

Ladies who get reactions from threading or waxing on the face should maintain caution while using the epilator. Change the cleansing brush every 3 months to maintain hygiene and prevent rashes.

What I like about this?
  • One of its kind
  • Convenient
  • Travel-Friendly
  • Multi-purposed
  • Handy
What I did not like?
  • Might be painful for some
  • A little overpriced
  • The fuss of changing batteries
Would I repurchase or recommend?

Yes. I would definitely recommend this epilator. It is a one-time investment. However, I may not repurchase this, there are several other options from Braun within the same range that work for the body as well, but for someone looking for something that works for the face exclusively, this is an ideal buy.



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