Skin Yoga Green Tea Face Mask -Worth A Buy?

by Drishti Piplani
5 minutes read

Who is it for? Skin Yoga Green Tea Face Mask is made from ancient Japanese technique for people who rely on natural products for their skin.

Skin Yoga Green Tea Face Mask


INR 1750 for 50g


Rice Flour, Green Tea Powder.

How to use:

Add one teaspoon of green tea face mask powder and add three tablespoons of Luke warm water to make a thick paste. Let it cool down and apply a thin layer of it on your face avoiding eyes.

Sensitivity alert:

It is all made up of natural ingredients so maybe allergic or sensitivity alert.

My Experience with Skin Yoga Green Tea Face Mask


It comes in an attractive glass bottle with a cork. The cork works properly to seal the powdered mask. The bottle comes inside a golden color carton box which again looks very pretty. The entire packaging is adorable.


The mask is grainy and powdery. After it dries up it converts itself into granules.


Smells weird like wooden chippings or old furniture.


I had sky-high expectations from the mask but was disappointed. It did not control oil on my face either does it stand true to its claim of controlling acne. However, it does add a little glow to my skin. The quantity provided is very less for the price charged. I don’t find any extraordinary characteristics in this face mask to pay such a price.

What did I like about the product?
  • Unique and attractive packaging
  • Organic product
  • Suites my skin
  • Gives a cooling effect to the skin
What didn't I like about the product?
  • Quite costly
  • Not travel-friendly
  • Doesn’t control oil
  • Not effective on pimples
  • Not for dry skin
  • Smells weird like old furniture
  • Takes 15 minutes to dry
  • Doesn’t brighten the skin as it claims
Would I recommend?

No, I would not recommend buying this as it is too costly and doesn’t deliver the desired results.

Rating- 2.5

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