Cute Outfit Ideas !

by Maania A
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Though it’s said that looks don’t really matter, but realistically we are all a bit superficial about how we look.What we wear and how we portray ourselves makes us more confident and loving towards our own selves and others. Hence how we dress is a very important task in our day to day lives, knowing what to wear when, how to look the way we wish to portray ourselves, clothes can do a lot of the talking.And looking our best is everyone’s priority, so here are a few hacks and tips on how to be the best dressed with these Cute Outfit Ideas. Cute outfits for girls have never been this easy !!

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Having a closet full of clothes are never the best option, they always tend to make you feel like you don’t have anything to wear. A common problem in the most household is having clothes that are less universal which can mean mixing and matching can be a nightmare.  A helpful tip is having fewer clothes but having them universal with the rest of your wardrobe.

A few must-have basics are:
  1. Black denim – a pair of black jeans can never do you wrong they can be paired with almost anything to give the cute Instagram model look at any time of the day.
  2. Long coats – a long thick coat are always a must-have for places that tend to get chilly. A beige or camel coat can make any simple outfit look more put together and make your classiness in the full spotlight.
  3. Basic tees – a couple t-shirts in solid colors and graphic tees can always cutify and personalize the simplicity of any outfit
  4. White/pastel shirt – a dress shirt or any sort of flowy button up can always fire up anything from your yoga pants to the high-end skirts or even your everyday favorite denim.
  5. A pair of good boots – a good beige, brown or even black boot is a must a special insider tip is wearing a pair of suede or velvet ankle boot with a bit of heel can make your outfits extra boujee.
  6. Leather belt – investing in a good leather belt will always be a worth it. Another fashion tip is having a matching leather purse and shoes to go with your belt to give a more put together and flattering look.
  7. Scarves – a scarf can always pop up your outfit and give comfort as well as make any sweater, top, shirt or tee look extra cute.
  8. Dresses – a few fits and flare dresses can make any bad day be your cutest, an LBD and a red dress are an all-time classic must have.

Cute Outfit Ideas


A few basic rules to live by when making a cute and classy and flattering outfit are:

  1. Try to limit the colors
  • Limit the colors to 2 to 3
  • To mix it up to wear multiple shades of the same color
  1. Keep the accessories to a minimum
  • If you wear bold earrings skip the necklace
  • Invest in simple but cute basic jewelry
  • A few bold necklaces in black and white accents will pair up with almost anything
  • Studs would go best with bangles and bracelets instead of chunky necklaces
  1. Accent each piece
  • Compliment each pop of color with another clothing item
  • Example; a pair of black cute heels would go perfectly with a similar material black purse and red nails with red shoes, gold clutch with gold chunky earrings.
  1. Keep pattern on the pattern to a minimum
  • The pattern on the pattern though in style can be harder to pull off when trying the cute look
  • Unless the patterns are the exact same color and fabric and design avoid it
  • Pair patterns with solids and it’ll be the most flattering for you.

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In the end, all I would add is no matter what you wear it would never add up for the proper results until you realize its not about what you wear it’s about how you wear it. Confidence can make anything look sexy or cute, do you really think the first human who wore distressed jeans did so on purpose? But it’s a trend, right? So honey distress the stress and put a smile you don’t need much except confidence and happiness to look cute. With loads of love to all you lovelies.


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Deepsikha March 3, 2018 - 10:11 AM

I totally agree with the scarf idea! They truly do make the outfits pop!
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