Eskinol Lemon Facial Cleanser Review

by Alishba John
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Eskinol Lemon Facial Cleanser: As I am some who have had a pimple prone skin for a long time, I have possibly tried all products in the market that can help me prevent pimples. What another way than actually cutting down the excess oil and dirt accumulation on my face that is one of the prominent reasons for pimple formation, which is when I discovered the magical product ESKINOL NATURALS LEMON FACIAL CLEANSER! It really has helped me to keep my face free from excess oil and dirt and thus preventing pimples on my face.

Eskinol Lemon Facial Cleanser 4

Basic Info 

It helps to prevent pimples by removing dirt and excess oil with the help of the presence of the essential lemon oil present in it.


Rs345 INR for 250 ml


Direction for use

Damp a cotton plug with the ESKINOL NATURALS LEMON FACIAL CLEANSER and then apply it on your face, neck avoiding the area near the eyes. You can also apply it on your arms and legs. For best results use it twice a day.


My Experience with Eskinol Facial Cleanser Lemon


The packaging is very simple and ordinary like any other liquid cleanser product.

Texture and consistency

It has the texture and consistency of any typical liquid and it has a slight yellow tint.



It has a very pleasant lemon smell, which leaves a very refreshing feel after its use.

My experience has been overall a good one. I love the refreshing feel after using it. I absolutely love the smell. It does dry my face a little after its use. But once I see the amount of dirt it has absorbed from my face onto the cotton plug, I actually feel happy that the product is working its magic.

Eskinol Lemon Facial Cleanser 3

  1. The product does remove the dirt and excess oil from the face as promised.
  2. Feels very fresh after its use
  3. Has a pleasant smell
  1. A little too pricey in India
  2. Not easily available in India
  3. The cap of the product has a little chance of getting the liquid out of the bottle so extra care needs to be taken while traveling with the product.
  4. Leaves the face a little too dry
Would I recommend/repurchase?

I would definitely recommend to those who always feel like there is an accumulation of dirt and excess of oil on their face. Highly suitable for people with the oily and medium-dry face but if you are someone with very dry face then you probably will have to use a moisturizer after cleansing your face. The amount of dirt being absorbed onto the cotton plug gradually starts reducing after its repeated use thus promising to prevent pimples on a long run usage of the product.

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