Khadi Natural Hair Cleanser Neem Sat Review

by Sreeparna Ganguly
3 minutes read

Who is it for? Khadi Natural Hair Cleanser Neem Sat is a neem-based clarifying shampoo best suited on oily to normal hair. It caters itchiness of the scalp quite well.

Khadi Natural Hair Cleanser Neem Sat

Price- Rs.115 for 210ml
Sensitive Skin Alert?


My Experience with Khadi Natural Hair Cleanser Neem Sat


This shampoo comes in a transparent bottle with a flip open cum screw open cap. The packaging is simple but sturdy. It comes with an additional stopper at the dispensing end which makes it completely leak-proof.

Colour & Texture

It is a gel based shampoo of medium consistency. It is green in color and has a translucent texture. It is a clarifying shampoo so it produces a good amount of lather. It washes off without much water wastage. It gets rid of excess oil from hair and scalp and gives the squeaky clean feel.


It has a light herbal fragrance. It has sweet-bitter neem fragrance. The smell does not last more than 1-2 hours or so.


A few years ago I had a terribly itchy scalp from sweat accumulation. I tried many DIYs but nothing worked. I used to use this shampoo with my regular coconut oil head massage. It took longer than medicated scalp cleansers but the issue got solved eventually. Right now I don’t have any particular hair or scalp issue but I still repurchased it. Though the brand claims about smoothening actions, this shampoo does not do any such thing. It is a fabulous scalp and hair cleanser. My hair texture is frizzy so I oil my hair with coconut oil a day before hair wash. This shampoo takes off the excess oil and the hair becomes fluffy. Without heavy oiling or after-wash conditioning, this shampoo will certainly feel drying.

What do I like about this shampoo?
  1. Clarifying shampoo with fenugreek, neem and lemon oil
  2. Cleanses excess oil and product build-up
  3. Helps with an itchy scalp or mild fungal infections on the scalp
  4. Light soothing fragrance
  5. Value for money product
What I dislike about this shampoo?
  1. The shampoo is good but most of the claims are not appropriate
  2. Not suitable for dry hair
  3. Conditioning is a must
Would I Repurchase or Recommend?

This is a good quality herbal hair wash. I will recommend this to people with an oily itchy scalp. I have already repurchased it and will keep using it.


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