Lakme Red Letter Review

by Neha V
4 minutes read

Lakme Red Letter 9 To 5 Lakme Creaseless Matte Lipstick is a This is a toned down warm orange-red, in a light matte feel. Try it even if you are a red beginner.

lakme 9 to 5 creaseless matte red letter


Rs 450

How to Use:

Apply on prepped lips.

My Experience with Lakme Red Letter 9 To 5 Lakme Creaseless Matte Lipstick

Well, this is a warm orangey red, and it feels sheer than I thought. This color has average pigmentation but you could layer it on. In one swipe, so not expect too much of a color, hence this could be a great red any time anywhere.

The feel is velvet matte, not powdery or cakey. In fact one layer feels like no lipstick at all! The color brightens skin tone and goes very well with a winged liner.

lakme 9 to 5 creaseless matte red letter 5

The texture can be drying for all lip types, hence take care and prep. If you touch up, it will not be adding any moisture, during the day, you can consider a little lip gloss touch up to moisten the lips.

lakme 9 to 5 creaseless matte red letter 6

The texture could cling to lip flakes easily. The lipstick is stiff and smooth, not creamy, if you know what I mean. It will glide on and could layer easily. It lasts on me in two coats for 3plus hours with meals. One coat will also last equally well as a lip stain. I am wearing one coat in the swatch.

  1. Great toned down red
  2. Warm red for Indian skin
  3. Matte
  4. Velvety
  5. Stays on and sets on the lips
  6. Does not budge or bleed
  1. Could dry lips
  2. Could cling to flaky lips
  3. Replace the cap quickly, it could dry out
  4. Will need layering up, not extremely pigmented
Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

Yes, I will, try the range please. It has a lot of shades. Word of caution, though not powdery, it could be drying for your lips. Great red shade to own!

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