Lakme Eyeconic Lash Curling Mascara Black Review

by Bhumika Gupta
5 minutes read

Hello everyone..! What’s that one thing which is the key to a beautiful face, well I would say eyes, it’s never tuff to beautify your eyes, by a simple Kajal, eyeliner or mascara, all of these things can do wonders for the eyes. Today I am going to review on this Lakme Eyeconic Lash Curling Mascara; I haven’t been much of a mascara person, but it just recent that I’ve started liking it on my eyes.

Nice heavy lashes enhance the beauty of your eyes; I am not at all a fake lashes person, because I am not really comfortable with that, I like keeping it more natural. This mascara kind of matches my demands, it will suit anyone who does not want bushy lashes but wants natural heavy looking curled lashes.

Lakme Eyeconic Lash Curling Mascara Black Review 1


What is it and who is it for?

This is intense black curling mascara. It comes in this curvy jet black tube packaging. I like the color it gives to my lashes; it makes them look dense and defines them, although it does not curl them a lot but does it till a nominal amount.

 It requires a little bit of extra layering to look perfect on your eyes, the brush is long enough, it takes some time to dry up, it has a nice stay on your eyes though, I would say that till some extent it is waterproof, but not totally waterproof.


Rs 350 for 9ml


Lakme Eyeconic Lash Curling Mascara Black Review




What does the Brand Claim about Lakme Eyeconic Lash Curling Mascara Black?

The Brand claims that the Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara curls your lashes & gives them volume to give your eyes a dramatic look.

How to Use:

The usage is pretty normal, I would say that the brush is curled enough, which helps in the application, you can first be done with the upper lashes and the go on to the lower lashes, please let the upper lashes dry first and then switch to the lower lashes. One important information is that in case u let a drop of mascara fall below your eye, please do not panic and remove it that time only, let it dry and swipe it off, it’ll come out cleanly!

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My Experience with Lakme Eyeconic Lash Curling Mascara Black

Well, my experience with this one has been fine, pretty good. I would say that it does curl your lashes, it defines them nicely.

I like the black colour that it gives, the brush is a little long though, but is curled enough which I like. It will consume a little time to dry up, so you should be careful. If you blink, then it is bound to come on your eyelids!!

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It does have a pointy tip which can reach till the corner of you lashes! It is waterproof till an extent. I like the staying power, it does actually last a decent amount of time and hold the curl when set.

Positives of Lakme Eyeconic Lash Curling Mascara Black

  • Dark black
  • Curled brush
  • The stay is good
  • Defines the lashes
  • Easy to carry

Negatives of Lakme Eyeconic Lash Curling Mascara Black

  • Takes time to dry
  • Brush long enough

Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

Yes, I would recommend this mascara because it’s it does justice with the price, defines the lashes, has a nice stay, it is definitely worth a try.

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