Lotus Herbals Endless Red Lipstick Review

by Chaity C
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Lotus Herbal is one of the leading cosmetic companies in India It combines ancient wisdom from our own Vedas with 21st Century’s technology. Lotus offers a wide range of beauty /skin care products available in the Indian market.

Today here I am going to review on Lotus Herbals Endless Red Lipstick.

Lotus Herbals Endless Red Lipstick 2

Lotus Herbals Endless Red Lipstick

Details about Lotus Herbals Endless Red Lipstick

What is it?

Lotus offers a wide range of matte lipstick such as peach pink, coral mauve, nude, brown and red. The brand claims that it stays throughout the day. Amongst these Endless red is one.

“Endless Red” the name itself reflects that it is a pure bright matte finished red coloured lipstick. I love it as I have a fascination with matte cosmetics. It goes very smoothly on your lips and does not make your lips dry out. This creamy matte lipstick gives your lips high pay off and rich pigmentation. It is enriched with herbal ingredients.

Price: Rs 271/- @Amazon

Shelf life: 36 months from the date of manufacturing.

My Experience with Lotus Herbals Endless Red Lipstick

Packaging: It comes in a very simple plastic retractable bullet with a tight lid. It does not open up on its own. So you can carry it everywhere. As it does not take up so much spaces it can easily fit into your handbag. The shades name and number are on a sticker attached at the bottom which makes easy for you to pick up right colour.

Texture: This lipstick has a very smooth and creamy texture. It has a gel matte texture for which it goes on very smoothly on your lips. Its herbal ingredients make your lips smooth and soft from within. It does not weigh down your lips also.

Pigmentation: Pigmentation of this lipstick is great. Only one swipe will fully cover every bit of your lips. If you want to get more bright and nice finishing you need to swipe 2-3 times.

Shades: Endless Red is a pure and bright red. It can cover up darker lips also. It goes very well with all skin tone. It will give your lips a beautiful and bold look.

Staying power: Though brand claims that it stays on lips throughout the day but in reality, it stays up to 4-5 hours on my lips. It starts faded up whenever Is eat something. You will need to touch up after every 4 hours.

Experience: My experience with this product is quite satisfying. I like the colour and texture of this product. As it goes well with my dusky skin tone I prefer to wear it especially when I go to a party. It goes well almost with every outfit (both traditional and western outfit).

Winter is a party season. In this winter season whenever you will go for a party just apply it on your lips with light eye makeup/ smoky eyes and see the magic. You will definitely steal the limelight of the party. It goes well with every skin tone. It will give your lips a bold and beautiful look.

But here I want to tell you the fact that those who have very dry lips they may feel a bit taut and stretchy after applying it. Before applying it they may apply lip balm over their lips.

Lotus Herbals Endless Red Lipstick 3

Lotus Herbals Endless Red Lipstick 1

The overall performance of Lotus Herbals Endless Red Lipstick


  • Creamy and smooth texture
  • Lovely shade
  • Good staying power
  • Compatible with all skin type
  • Travel friendly
  • Enriched with herbal ingredients
  • Affordable
  • Gel matte finishing (which gives your lips a little bit glossy effect)


  • It settles into the fine lines on the lips after 4-5 hours.
  • Not totally matte, gel matte
  • Applies streaky

Who love the completely matte look they may not like it.

Would I repurchase or recommend?

I love to repurchase it as I love this shade and texture. I have a fascination towards matte finish cosmetics as I believe that matte look suit to my skin tone and skin texture. This Endless red gives my lips a bold and beautiful matte finished with a little bit glossy effect look. All I can say that it is a must-have item in your lipstick collection.

Rating: 4 out of 5( I have deducted 1 points as it settles fine lines of the lips after 4-5 hours)

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