Lotus Herbals Frujuvenate Skin Perfecting and Rejuvenating Fruit Pack Review

by Mallika Dharmani
4 minutes read

Who is it for? Lotus Herbals Frujuvenate Skin Perfecting and Rejuvenating Fruit Pack is for those looking for an affordable fruit face pack.

Lotus Herbals Frujuvenate Skin Perfecting and Rejuvenating Fruit Pack Review 1

PRICE AND QUANTITY – INR 165 for 60 Gms.

Wash your face with mild soap & blot dry. Apply a generous amount of this pack on face & neck, avoiding eyes. Relax till completely dry. Rinse with fresh water. Follow with SANDALSCREEN.

My Experience with Lotus Herbals Frujuvenate Skin Perfecting and Rejuvenating Fruit Pack


this pack comes in a sensible packing in a slim tube form which is a pale yellow color bearing the Lotus logo.

The top is a flip cap opening which makes it quite easy to use the product by squeezing out in desired amounts.


The pack is a dark peach colored face pack which does have clay feel to it.

The texture is quite flattering and creamy and it is incredibly easy to smear it all over the skin in simple hand motions. If you feel it’s slightly thick then I advise you to dilute it with few drops of rose water for best results.


the pack is a fruit pack and I expected a fruity fragrance which this pack does have however I find it to be a slightly medicinal fragrance – something like one of those fruity antibiotics which we used to have as kids.

Nonetheless, I find it ok as it still smells fruity. Would have liked it more if it didn’t have that medicinal touch to it.


I have used this pack for three weeks now. So every week I decided to slather this on at least once.

This pack spreads really well and it’s advised to keep it on for 20 minutes before finally doing away with it. One thing to note here is that I keep spraying water on my face when the pack starts drying out a little in order to keep it moist and make it more effective. The pack started drying out in 8-10 minutes even though I wasn’t sitting under direct air. Best is to avoid direct air blowing in your face and let the pack take its time to dry.

After I took off this pack my skin definitely felt moisturized and quite soft and supple.  Skin felt clean and it didn’t dry out my skin.

However it didn’t give my skin any glow or make it fairer – and honestly neither did I expect it to.

It does what it says – rejuvenates the skin. I felt refreshed after using this one.

It’s what I would call as a SAFE and REGULAR pack. You can’t expect it to do wonders but it does have lots of fruits extracts and everything that improve skin quality over time.

The pack also claims to balance the PH which further helps improve the skin quality.

I think it’s  a safe and easy to use buy which can easily be made a part of our skin care routine – refresh your skin once a week  J

Skin felt tightened too.

  1. Makes the skin supple
  2. Visibly moisturized
  3. Temporary tightening of the skin
  4. Cleanses pores and skin well
  1. The product screams *PARABENS*
  2. Might be a little drying for the dry skin people.
 My Recommendation

Yes, I would definitely repurchase this one. I think fruit packs are good and should be something that we use more of in our skincare routine.

SAFE buy and BEAUTIFUL results too!

4 stars

(The medicinal smell and parabens prevented me from giving it a 5)

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V. sravanti June 2, 2017 - 12:56 PM

Nice review. It’s a good one! Similarly, even Everyuth’s Walnut Scrub gives good results.

Smriti June 2, 2017 - 12:57 PM

Very nice of you to make everyone realize the side effects of paraben. Great review.

Subhangi Singh June 2, 2017 - 1:22 PM

Lotus should avoid using Parabens in its product :bye:

Sone June 2, 2017 - 3:20 PM

Awesome wor as always Mallika :rose: