MAC Sunny Seoul Dupes !

by Mallika Dharmani
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MAC Sunny Seoul: Summer is already here and the summer breeze brings in the fresh glowy pinks!Gone are the winter fall days bid adieu to the browns and taupes.
Your beach day’s calls for lighter tones girlies hence bringing you one of MAC’s desired pearly pinks – sunny Seoul dupes!
A warm peachy pink with a pearl finish. A fresh and light shade to wear for one of those hot summer days.

MAC Sunny Seoul Dupes 2

#MAC Sunny Seoul vs. Rimmel Kate 16

The closest dupe is brought to you by Rimmel which has matched the performance of MAC at par.
A few things I would like to point out though that you should know about the texture –
MAC is crème sheen unlike Rimmel but the color is a t match so all you would be missing out on would be the pearl shine but saving of $10 makes up for it.
Rimmel- $6!

MAC Sunny Seoul Dupes 4

Image Credit: Flickr

#MAC Sunny Seoul vs. L’Oreal I Pink You Are Cute

This is possibly the next possible dupe which is a little more expensive than Rimmel but L’Oreal is a well-known brand that’s easily available.
It has a natural finish whereas MAC has a pearly finish that’s kind of hard to get in these dupes.
Also, L’Oreal is a lot less glossy than MAC but the color kin is the same.

MAC Sunny Seoul Dupes 3

Image Credit: Pinterest

#MAC Sunny Seoul vs. L’Oreal Sunset Angora

A very pretty dupe that seems to match the color of sunny Seoul turned out to be this sunset angora shade from L’Oreal again.
Now if I compare the swatches, the color likeliness is amazing I would say it’s a flat 90%!
Pick this one up if you run out of choices.

MAC Sunny Seoul Dupes 1

Image Credit: Cosmeticsbazaar

Complete your summer jazz with these dupes!

MAC Sunny Seoul Dupes

Image Credit: Giphy

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