Maybelline Master Flush Creator Blush Kissbite Review

by Namara Haider
3 minutes read

Who is it for? The Maybelline Master Flush Creator Blush Kissbite is for those who are in a search of a decent blush and a highlighter at a reasonable price because this master flush serves the purpose of both a blush and a highlighter. It comes is four different shades- Afterglow, kissbite, next to nude and tickled pink. All these shades provide a three-dimensional flush to the face, and are perfect for daily use as well as for parties.


INR 800 (2019)

It could be brought at a cheaper price online during the sale.

Maybelline Master Flush Creator Blush Kissbite

My Experience with Maybelline Flush Creator Blush Kissbite


It has a round compact like packaging with a mirror inside. There is no brush included with it.

Sensitive skin alert:


Color and Texture:

All the shades of this blush are highly pigmented. The kissbite shade of this blush has a deep coral color with peach and pink shades. It is very soft and blends easily on the skin. It does not have a chalky texture but its like soft powedr . And they also have fine shimmer or glitter in it.


There is no brush given so you will probably need a brush, then lightly swipe the brush over the palette in a horizontal manner. Then apply it on the cheekbone in an upward direction keeping in mind that the lighter shade is on top of the stroke.

Effectiveness and overall look:

The blush gives the face a naturally sculpted look, it stays for 7-8 hours without fading, then gradually begins to lighten. As is works as a highlighter as well it gives the face a soft decent glow.

My experience:

I have been using the Maybelline Master flush creator shade- Kissbite for a few months, I do not use much makeup on daily basis but a light stroke of this blush has now become my daily routine before going out. Many of my friends have asked me what kind of highlighter I have applied on my face when actually it is just this blush. It is easy to apply and easy to remove, hence perfect for daily use.

Overall performance of Maybelline Master Flush Creator Blush Kissbite

  1. It gives a natural look when applied lightly and a gorgeous makeup finished face when applied intensely.
  2. It comes in a compact like packaging with a mirror, which makes it easy to carry.
  3. It self adjust according to the skin’s pH.
  4. It has glitter particles in it, thus when it is applied it also gives the look of highlighter.
  5. This shade (kissbite) is suitable for all skin color.
  6. It stays throughout the day when applied in a proper quantity.
  7. It could be used as an ombre shade or can be used as two different shades.
  1. The price is a bit high.
  2. It needs to be used carefully or else after two to three uses, the palette loses its ombre look.
  3. There is no brush included with it.

Yes, I would recommend it as a daily use blush.

Overall rating:


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