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Remedies for NAUSEA DURING PREGNANCY: Week 7 signals the onset of Nausea for maximum pregnant women and for many nausea is actually an indicator for signaling that they are pregnant. If your pregnancy is sort of unplanned then maybe week 7 is the time that you catch on to the fact that you are pregnant!!! By week 7 you would be aware of the fact that you haven’t had your period yet (even if you have an irregular cycle) and niggling things like bloating, smell aversions, mood swings and fatigue will make you curious enough to make you take a pregnancy test.

Pregnancy is an amazing journey but it has its rough side and nausea is one of the major challenges you are going to face. Let’s look at the bright side first…research says that 80% of women who experience nausea in their first trimester give birth to healthy happy babies as opposed to 65% of women who do not experience nausea at all. This underlines the fact that if you have nausea…the chances of a healthy uneventful birth are strengthened.

Week 7 Nausea Fact Files

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Clearing up the why’s and when’s and what’s

In pregnancy, nausea is usually referred to as morning sickness or M.S. this is a highly misleading term…. Morning sickness can actually last all day!!! 75% of pregnant women have both nausea and vomiting during their first trimester to varying levels and 50% have only vomiting.

Even gentle attacks of nausea can sap you of your energy and leave you drained while day-long nausea can literally turn your world upside down.  Sometimes morning sickness strikes around the evenings and you might feel okay in the morning while the setting sun brings in the tendency to vomit, an increased aversion to smelling, and a general feeling of sickness. Evening Sickness (e.v.s) is less common than m.s but it happens…

The bright side is that smell aversion, nausea and vomiting reduce after the first trimester and by the 5th month, you will find your energy and appetite return. The not-so-bright side is that once nausea starts it will worsen and will reach a peak around the 9th to 10th week after which it gradually begins to subside.

This can be logically related to the surge of hormones like HCG, Estrogen in your body in the first trimester and a weakened digestive system. Some research says that women who have motion sickness tend to suffer more from nausea but the results are inconclusive.

More conclusive research points to the fact that if your mom had nausea in her pregnancies…you are more likely to suffer from it. You are also more likely to suffer from nausea if you have twins, have been taking birth control pills for a long time or have a history of a migraine.

The Nausea Survival Kit

Nausea can and will hamper your diet. Most women who experience nausea lose a little weight (as opposed to the generally held notion of gaining weight) in the first trimester. Don’t worry if you lose weight…you will gain all of it (and more) back once your appetite returns.

Mild to moderate nausea will not harm you and will have zero effect on your baby. Even if nausea turns you off food…remember that your baby will suck off the nutrient reserve in your body (you have loads of this unless you are suffering from anorexia) and will fulfill its needs.

Nausea is harmful if you cannot stay hydrated, vomit more than twice in a day and the weakness makes you unable to perform daily activities…in all these cases see your doctor who will probably give you medication to reduce the nauseous attacks and vitamins to make up for any deficiency in your diet. Once you have covered the basics it’s time to turn your attention toward beating nausea

Take small and frequent meals…ensure that you eat something every 3 hours even if it’s something as small as peanuts. Keep a ginger cookie jar near your bed… chew on a cookie before you get out of bed (ginger fights nausea and the sugar in the cookie keeps your blood sugar from dipping). Sip on fluids …dododon’t gulp down beverages.

Stay off fried, fatty, spicy and overly sweet food for some time (these are all nausea triggers). If you find any particular smell offensive (this is a highly individual response) avoid food and situations that expose you to that smell.

If all else fails…try the BRAT diet….its bananas, rice, apple sauce, and toast. These are bland yet calorie rich foods that have very low chances of bringing on nausea. Crackers, cold milk, nuts, cereals, lemon juice, lemon candy, ginger candy are other generally inoffensive foods.

Do not sleep off right after your meals…walk around a bit…this aids digestion

Engage yourself in nice movies, long walks, and some shopping and pampering sessions. The less you think about nausea the weaker your attacks become. Build a positive aura around yourself…your nausea is just a sign of your little peanut growing up!!!

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