Jovees Neem Face Wash Review

by Mallika Dharmani
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Hey people, so today I’m back with another review of a Jovees face wash which is by far my favorite face wash from their herbal range.  Now I never thought that I would be calling the Jovees Neem face wash the best face wash from their range because I have never really used a lot of Neem products. The only Neem product that I ever used was the Himalayas Neem face wash and it was a nightmare! That was the only time when my face was flooded with pimples. I tried using it twice and both the times I suffered from a nice break out so I decided to stuff it clearly out of sight.

Since then I have developed a fear of Neem. Until recently I got two pimples that popped out of nowhere and disappeared too but then it made me wonder if I’m getting prone to breakouts. So when I saw this tube of Jovees Neem Face Wash  I was irresistibly drawn to it but decided not to purchase it as I don’t need that kind of face wash. However, on my second visit, I couldn’t help but pick it off because of its beautiful dark green color and also because I thought maybe it was time to give my skin some Neem does. Let’s see how well it served the purpose.

Jovees Neem Face Wash Review

Basic Info About  Jovees Neem Face Wash

PRICE AND QUANTITY-   INR 155 for 100 Gms


Medicinal properties of Neem have been known to Indians since time immemorial. JOVEES Natural Neem Face Wash developed scientifically contains ingredients derived from natural sources. This unique face wash helps lift away impurities, dull surface cells and improve skin complexion. It’s natural therapeutic properties help fight pimples, blemishes and prevent new ones from forming.

Jovees Neem Face Wash Review 1


Moisten face. Squeeze out a small amount of Jovees Natural Neem Face Wash on your palm. Apply and gently massage all over your face in circular motion. Rinse well and pat dry.


3 years


Neem Extract, Lemon Extract, Tea Tree Extract and Rosemary Extract.



Jovees Neem Face Wash Review 4

My Experience with Jovees Neem Face Wash

PACKING – it was the packing I fell in love with – a very sturdy and fat tube of dark green color seemed to fascinate me no end 😛

Has a flip cover and closes securely. Travel-friendly and can be slipped into your purse anytime.


The texture is pretty much similar to that of the JOVEES PAPAYA FACEWASH OR GRAPE FACEWASH. A gel which is full of granules. This one, in particular, has green colored granules but both dark and light in color. Really pretty green

FRAGRANCE this one has a strong Neem smell, i.e. it kind of smells bitter like raw crushed Neem does mix with a hint of aftershave smell which is again common in all the herbal face washes from Jovees.

Jovees Neem Face Wash Review 3


Well initially I was scared of this one but then my experience turned out to be quite opposite. I found this face wash to be surprisingly refreshing and for some reason, I loved the bitter smell too- smelt all herbal and nice.

It gave me a slight cooling sensation that you might notice if you stop touching your face for a moment. I checked but it doesn’t look like it contains any mint. Whatever it is, it really made me feel cool and relaxed.

Also, the granules don’t really provide any scrubbing effect except for the big dark green ones which are felt on the skin while washing the face.

It doesn’t create foam but there is a gel lather created by this face wash which works out fine for me.

After washing off skin felt clean and fresh. That cooling effect still lingered on and I’m sure this would be of great relief especially if you have acne on your skin.

My skin didn’t feel dry or stretchy so I loved that part too.

All in all a really nice one. And oh yes !!!! IT DIDNT BREAK ME OUT :* (like most of the Neem stuff out there does)

Overall Performance of Jovees Neem Face Wash


  • Affordable
  • Sturdy packing
  • Travel-friendly
  • The cooling effect that feels refreshing
  • Squeaky clean
  • Doesn’t dry out the skin
  • Love the Neem fragrance too
  • Cleanses well and doesn’t cause breakouts
  • Transparent tube


  • .. let me think …I think none really!!!!!

My Recommendation?

Well, it really worked out for me and I’m sure it must feel great for the oily skinned beauties too. However, I’m not too sure about the dry skin people here because Neem tends to create drying effect over time.

Well, I loved it absolutely!!!!!!

Where Can You Buy This ?

  • Amazon : [easyazon_link identifier=”B006R3HOL2″ locale=”IN” tag=”sone-21″]Jovees Natural Neem Face Wash 120 ml[/easyazon_link]

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