Nivea Extra Whitening Body Lotion : Cell Repair and UV Protect Vit C

by Vani Saxena
5 minutes read

Who is this for? Nivea Extra Whitening Body Lotion is for those girls looking for a body lotion with UV protection, and one which helps balance and repair sun damage already done.

Nivea Extra Whitening Body Lotion Cell Repair and UV Protect Vit C

 I personally feel that these skin whitening products do not actually whiten or brighten our skin. So basically you(the brands) cannot change the colour of any person since our complexion depends on the secretion of Melanin and this chemical stuff cannot increase or decrease the amount of melanin.

However, they can repair the damage caused to the skin. This is so because sometimes the damage so caused is just artificial and can get improved naturally or unnaturally.

I do not encourage or believe in any kind of fairness creams but this lotion works for repairing the sunburns and unevenness in the skin.


Rs 249  for 120ml.

Sensitive Skin Alert?


How to Use:

Pour the required amount of the lotion onto your palms and apply it by massaging your arms, legs and the other necessary areas.

My Experience with Nivea Extra Whitening Body Lotion: Cell Repair and UV Protect Vit C

Packaging :

It comes in a white flip top bottle; the same like all other lotions. There’s no scope of leakage of the product at all.

Effectiveness :

I have been using this lotion for near about 1 and a half month and I’m mesmerized by the results! The brand exactly delivers what it initially claimed!

The sun-tan has gradually minimized and eventually, my skin has become toned. There’re no harsh lines or any type of unevenness on my skin especially my arms that are prone to sunburns.

This Nivea Body Lotion is paraben, mineral oil, colorant and bleach free so there’s no question of having adverse reactions!

It also makes my skin soft and supple throughout the day. It is a light lotion. So if you have TOO dry skin, reapply frequently.

What I liked about it ?
  • Free of harsh chemicals- paraben, bleach, colorant and mineral oil.
  • A mild citrusy fragrance which gives you a refreshing feel throughout the day.
  • Reduces tan, dark pots and repairs rough & flaky skin.
  • Claimed by Nivea, it’s a two in one utility product i.e “whitening body lotion along with the sun protection factor. “
  • Not too expensive. Price is worth the quality and quantity both.
What I did not like?
  • May not work for a stubborn tan.
  • Dry skinned beauties may need something more than this since it has a watery base and may not stay that long.
Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

 Yes! I mean who will not want to have such a thing in their vanity bag?Neither is it so expensive nor that bad!The results are visible though they’re mild. Besides, there are no side effects! Do get this lotion if you are fine with the cons!

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