Nykaa Haute Fudge Lipstick Review

by Sakshi Bansal
6 minutes read

Who is it for? The Nykaa Haute Fudge Lipstick is part of Nykaa’s range of 8 nude lipsticks. This shade is although more on the brown side than nude. It’s a quite warm shade of brown suitable for fair to medium skin tones. It’s soft and lightweight and great for parties as well as formal occasions.


It costs Rs. 199 for the mini version 1.5gm and Rs.399 for the full version 4.2gm.

My experience with Nykaa Haute Fudge Lipstick


It comes in a pink outer wrapping with Nykaa written on it along with a label that shows other details. Inside you get a sturdy yet chic black matte lipstick packing. It comes with a magnetic closure which is a unique feature for this product and thus closes with a click sound. The magnetic closure ensures that it remains firmly closed.

Nykaa Haute Fudge Lipstick Review


The shade although part of Nykaa’s range of nude lipsticks is more on the brown side than nude. It’s a delicious chocolate shade that will be hit at your next party. It’s great for warm Indian skin tones ranging from fair to medium skin. Darker skin tones can try but might not like this one.


Unlike the lipstick range’s name ‘so matte’ this one is a bit creamy matte. You can apply it without any lip balm and it is not drying like most matte lipsticks. The texture is smooth and has rich pigmentation. It doesn’t settle into fine lines, you will get opaque coverage in a single swipe. The lipstick will feel a little creamy on your lips.


Pigmentation is quite rich, and you can get a good dark finish in one swipe. You can see the images have a single swipe only it is that rich


Nykaa is one of my favorite brands. I love their products so when I saw this lipstick in their store I had got to buy it. It’s a great chocolate shade with a creme finish. It’s not super lightweight but not very heavy either. I have worn it twice and both times it has proven to be long-lasting. It lasted a good 4-5 hours without so much as a smudge. It is a good party to wear shade when you are bored with your classic reds. Anyone looking for a good brown lipstick should give this one a try.

  1. Soft and lightweight, doesn’t dry the lips.
  2. Creamy matte texture which is quite smooth.
  3. Doesn’t cause lip bleeding.
  4. Doesn’t settle into fine lines on the lips.
  5. Comes is travel-friendly packaging.
  6. Long lasting 4-5 hours
  7. Great party wear brown shade
  1. Not that lightweight
  2. Not suitable for darker skin tones
  3. Transfers a bit

Would I recommend it?

Yes, this a delicious brown color that is suitable for all parties and night outs. Every girl who is looking for a brown lipstick should try this one out.

Would I repurchase it?

No probably not, even though I love the lipstick I hardly use it. So I would go for other colors of this range

My ratings:


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