Nykaa Naughty Nude Lipstick Review

by Tanushree Khandelwal
6 minutes read

Nykaa Naughty Nude Lipstick Review: Hi! Girls So, today I would be reviewing a product range named as NYKAA. After its successful establishment of Nail polishes, it has now launched a new and beautiful variety of MATTE LIPSTICKS. Let’s begin to know about Nykaa Matte Lipstick Naughty Nude!

Nykaa Matte Lipstick Naughty Nude 1

Basic Info about Nykaa Matte Lipstick Naughty Nude


NYKAA MATTE LIPSTICKS are very hydrating in texture and so, they have a creamy finish. This MATTE range of NYKAA lipsticks come in a classy CUBOID shaped tube coated with elegant MATTE BLACK color and magnetic closure. The packaging in itself makes the Lipstick look very luxurious one. Though, the price range is quietly affordable.

Though the lipstick claims MATTE it is no way even closure to matte in texture. It is rather sheen in finish. Women who are not too much towards Matte may go for the lipstick happy and may feel contended with the hydrating, creamy effect of the lipstick. It has covered almost every skin tones. And if you want to analyze the Lipstick even before purchasing it then let me tell you that it is totally similar to MAYBELLINE COLORSHOW LIPSTICKS. Also, it is similar in range and units with COLORSHOW LIPSTICKS rather can be observed better than those in that aspect.



Nykaa Matte Lipstick Naughty Nude 1


It is very easy and quick to use. Just open the cap and spin it up. Apply the lipstick first on the upper edges of the lips henceforth, the lower one beginning with the middle and then covering corners so that, it shapes the lips really well and provides full coverage. Since it has a good color payoff it does not need to be applied in layers only once is sufficient.

My Experience with Nykaa Naughty Nude Lipstick

Though I am more towards 100% MATTE yet, I would like to have this one with my frequent shades of Lipsticks as this one really won my heart with its ease of application and comfortable finish. Its Opaque coverage provides me with a nice professional feel. Moreover, the other creamy matte Lipsticks in the market contain Silicon in them due to which it sticks the lips together over some time and starts patching the Lips while, this one is on the other side of the coin which does not contain such contents and provides a smooth, greasy feel all throughout the day!! Also, it lasts quite long for many hours even after having small meals like- Coffee or small snack breaks. So, overall I would say that the NYKAA MATTE LIPSTICKS are worth an addition to your Lipstick collection and I would like to recommend you especially the one that I own which is NAUGHTY NUDE. I found this the best of all 12 ranges of shades the brand provides.

Nykaa Matte Lipstick Naughty Nude

Overall Performance of Nykaa Matte Lipstick Naughty Nude

  1. Very classy, luxurious packaging
  2. Value for money
  3. Opaque color pay-off
  4. Moisturizing
  5. Comfortable to lips
  6. Not going to dry out your lips
  7. Long-lasting wear off
  8. Nicely pointed tip
  9. Easy to glide on
  10. Quick application
  11. Contains Vitamin E which keeps the lips moisturized and protected
  12. Smooth finish
  1. It has a very bad and annoying scent which does not fade away with time
  2. Not MATTE at all
Would I repurchase and recommend?

YES, I would definitely like to recommend it as it is an absolute value for money product! Thus, a Thumbs up to NYKAA for this range!! Hope my review helped you all and you may invest your money at a correct place! So, with this, I wish that all my ladies may Stay beautiful and Stay Happy forever!!

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Awesome shade :rose: :love

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yes sweets!

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Thanks for this. Been wanting to try it for a while now

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Really! you are always welcome then! :rose:

Neha Tanwar May 1, 2017 - 4:40 PM

Lovely shade :love