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The Brew House Gurugram :I received a Press Invite to a Saturday Brunch at the Brew House at Fortune Select Excalibur, Gurgaon to taste and review their newly launched micro brewery and food menu last week.the Brew House,Fortune Select Excalibur,Gurugram 1

The Ambience

On stepping inside ,I was welcomed with a very pretty sight – it was a veritable beer garden !You do not get the feeling of being in a pub at any point,surrounded as you are by lovely creepers cascading down the glass walls that bring in loads of natural light to flood the place.There are huge shell shaped planters on little shelves lining a wall and cute little knick knacks peep from the creepers on the glass walls.

the Brew House,Fortune Select Excalibur,Gurugram 2

The red and blue cushions on the black comfy chairs stand out amidst all the greenery and the AMBIENCE feels soothing and lively at the same time,instantly putting you at ease.The huge cutouts of Beer Mugs add a very interesting dimension to the faux plant filled space that, along with the Bar tucked away in a corner ,are the only reminders that you are infact sitting inside a Brew House.

the Brew House,Fortune Select Excalibur,Gurugram

The Food

The first thing to arrive on the table was a fascinating  Munch Box brimming with delectable Chilly Masala Popcorn,yummy  Peanut Chaat,  Nachos n Crispies with a Salsa Dip.It was the perfect accompaniment with our Mocktails and Beers.Four varieties of Beer was served to us for tasting in whacky pair of pants shaped shot glasses ,out of which I liked the Pilsner the most.All the beers were fresh off the tap and served in unique double barelled copper mugs with vaccum inside to maintain their temperature and hence their taste till the very last drop.

the Brew House,Fortune Select Excalibur,Gurugram 9

In STARTERS,I’ll definitely recommend that you try the Wild Mushroom Arancini and KhumbMozzarella.TheArancini was perfectly flavoured with cheese,mushrooms and cooked Arborio rice ,shaped into balls and deep fried.TheKhumb was a fusion of desi flavours with cheese which worked well and was a delight to bite into.

the Brew House,Fortune Select Excalibur,Gurugram 8

The Beer Battered Fish tasted fresh but I wish the coating was crunchier.I liked the mildly spiced Paneer Fresh Chilly whereas the Mint Pepper Chicken was a new take on good old chilly chicken but with the refreshing heat of black pepper .

the Brew House,Fortune Select Excalibur,Gurugram 6

the Brew House,Fortune Select Excalibur,Gurugram 5

the Brew House,Fortune Select Excalibur,Gurugram 4

The cheese on the Baked Mexican Nachos was totally dried out by the time I tasted it and it did not warrant another bite.I quite enjoyed the veg Crudites served with a hung curd dip,the sweetness of the bell peppers contrsted very well with the sour,garlicky taste of the dip.

the Brew House,Fortune Select Excalibur,Gurugram 7

The Main Course had a dish which was essentially Butter Chicken served on a bed of instant noodles and baked.The novelty of the dish won it some brownie points.I quite liked the mild Red Thai Curry with Chicken,served with steamed Rice although I wouldn’t term it very authentic.

the Brew House,Fortune Select Excalibur,Gurugram 12

the Brew House,Fortune Select Excalibur,Gurugram 11

The Veg Green Curry was very flavourful but I stopped at having a spoonful.There was barely room enough in my tummy to try out the delicious looking desserts,but I still had a bite of each and the Velvety Choco Delight was really delightful with gooey chocolate overflowing on a bed of red velvet cake.

The Service :

The SERVICE was prompt and efficient and the Brand MasterchefInder Dev also interacted with us for a while .The singer whose mellifluous voice brought alive one soulful hit after another was a major contributor to our enjoyable afternoon.Unfortunately,I didn’t catch his name but he is the hidden gem hiding within the glass walls and foliage of the Brew House.

the Brew House,Fortune Select Excalibur,Gurugram 13

The Brew House gets a 4.2/5 on the MOVILICIOUS METRE.

GlossyPolish Verdict:

My overall experience at the Brew House was a very pleasant one and I certainly recommend that you drop by for a drink and a meal whenever in the vicinity to spend some enchanting moments in lush surroundings.

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I love the interiors :love

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Wow! Nice experience and ambience 🙂

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The baked noodle dish looks so amazing!!