VLCC Rose Face Scrub Review

by Sreeparna Ganguly
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We all know exfoliation is a vital step of skin care. The importance of this step increases even more if you are blessed with oily and acne-prone like me. This kind of skin bears chances of acne and blackheads due to blocked pores. As per my own experience, regular defoliation of skin is the easiest and the most effective way to prevent break-outs. That is the reason you will always find me trying out every other budget face scrub in the Indian market. Recently VLCC products were on high discount online and I could not resist myself from getting their Rose Face Scrub. I have used loads of products from this brand and they somehow worked for me. Today I will be sharing my experience with this rose based facial defoliant. So, stay with me to find how it fared.

VLCC Rose Face Scrub Review

Details about VLCC Rose Face Scrub

What is it?

The Rose Face Scrub from VLCC is a Rose and Aloe Vera based facial exfoliator that deep cleanses and purifies the skin and brings freshness and smoothness. This calming defoliant is enriched with finely crushed Walnut shell powder and micro granules to reveal the fresh new skin and remove superficial white/black heads.

Price- Rs.180 for 80gm

Shelf Life-36 months from the date of packaging

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Sensitive Skin Alert?




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My Experience with VLCC Rose Face Scrub

This face scrub comes in a clear plastic tube with white flip-open type cap. The cap is quite sturdy and it shuts with a click. I like transparent packaging a lot because they make it easy for me to track how much product I am left with. I have not experienced any spillage of product so I can conclude it’s a travel-safe packaging.

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Consistency wise, the exfoliator is not that dense like most other cream-based facial scrubs. It has light pink color and liquid texture. When it gets mixed with water at the time of application, it generates mild froth. The exfoliating particles of this scrub are tiny, non-scratchy and dispersed in the base liquid evenly. This defoliator is not for heavy-exfoliation. It is more of a mild everyday scrub similar to an exfoliating face wash.

One thing I must say, this product smells awesome. I am not a rose fragrance lover still I just keep sniffing my scrub tube. The energizing rose smell of it does not feel overpowering. So, people with a sensitive nose will not have any problem with this one.

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How I Use It: I have oily-to-combination type skin with blackhead problem. Cream based gritty scrubs work nicely on my blackheads but sadly they make my face more oily. So, I limit the use of such scrubs on my face to once a week. For the rest of the days, I was using a suitable face wash until I got this mild scrub. Now, I use the rose based scrub on the alternate days with my facial brush. This scrub removes the excess oil from my face without making it too dry.

Overall Performance of VLCC Rose Face Scrub

I am using this product for 3 weeks now. This product has not caused any irritation to my face or aggravated my acne problem. It keeps my face oil-free and brings a healthy glow which I really like. I use a facial brush with it and my facial brush does the majority of exfoliation by itself. So, the mildness of this scrub is not becoming a concern for me. Overall I find this VLCC product a gentle face exfoliator with the nice rose smell.


  • Contains Rose, Aloe Vera, and Walnut
  • Mildly cleanses face and removes excess oil
  • Does not irritate my skin or makes it excessively dry
  • Smells good
  • Little product goes long way


  • Too mild for blackhead-prone skin
  • Not a good choice for very dry skin
  • It is not free from sulfates and parabens

Would I Repurchase or Recommend?

Frankly speaking, this facial scrub is not an irresistible or irreplaceable product. It is a mildly exfoliating scrub with good smell. You will get a similar performance product from every budget brand in the same price range. Its foaminess works nicely on oily or combination skin. Due to its mildness, it will be a good product for sensitive skin. You may give it a shot or skip it. If I ever make a repurchase it will be for its fragrance and non-irritating properties.

Rating-2 /5

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