Try These Easy Hairstyles for College Girls !

by Sreeparna Ganguly
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Easy Hairstyles for Girls ! We girls can be quite choosy about our day to day fashion. The sense of style and fashion is a thing that buds at a very young age and grows as we grow up. In our childhood days, we see, we learn, we imitate and implement different ideas regarding fashion coming from different sources. It all gets an accomplishment as we reach our grown-up years. That is why being the mom of a little girl is basically a trial of your own fashion senses. Hair is our crowning glory. Our looks depend greatly on how we are styling it. The same thing can be said for your cute little princesses. We can’t let them experiment with makeup as their skin is still not ready for it. But we can satiate their fashion hunger by giving them a treat of quirky hairstyles. Braids are the most protective hairstyle so here are a few Easy Hairstyles for Girls to win your young one’s heart.

Easy Hairstyles for Girls

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# Waterfall Braid

This can be a simple party hairstyle for your kid that does not need any particular length of hair. For this hairstyle, you need to start a three strand braid at any one side of the head, just above the ear. Then in each pass of the braid add a little bit of hair horizontally from the back of the head. The braid progresses in this way horizontally and finishes at the other side just above the ear. You can stud it with stonework bobby pins or even fresh flower.

# French Braid

This is a super secure hairstyle perfect for your child’s school days or sports activities. This style needs at least shoulder length hair. This braid starts at the crown of the head. For this look, you need to start a three-stranded braid at the crown and then add a little bit hair from both the sides in each pass vertically. When you reach the nape of the neck continue as a simple three-stranded braid.

# Milkmaid Braid

This is a traditional style of braid for mid to long length hair. This look needs center parting in both front and back portion of the head starting from the hairline and ending at the nape of the neck. Do simple three stranded braids with each section of the hair. Finally, tuck both the braids side by side across the front like a headband.

# Rope Braid with Ribbons

This one makes a gorgeous hairstyle for kids with long hair. For this look, tie a high ponytail and secure it with satin ribbons of your choice. Make a two-stranded simple rope braid or a three-stranded rope braid with the length of hair clasped in the ponytail. Finally secure with another ribbon or colorful hair-tie.

# Poufy Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braid looks pretty on everyone but when it is done with a small pouf in the front, it gorgeousness increases even more. Make a pouf at the front without teasing the hair or backcombing. Start a fishtail braid 2 inches from where the pouf ends. And that will be it for this looks!

# Bubble Braid

This is a funky party style for kids of every age. For this look, make any number of joined ponytails with soft colorful hair ties. Fluff up the in-between hair clasped by two consecutive ties. You will get a number of bubbles all over the head!

# Mohawk Style French Braid

This is another style that works for every length of the hair. In this look, a French braid is done only till the crown part of the head from the hairline. In this style, plaiting is done on a rectangular section of the hair of the front middle just like Latin American Mohawk style.

# Down Crown Braids

This is one of the traditional Indian braiding styles that was quite popular in my granny’s time. She used to do this style on my hair when I was about 4-5. This style is the exact opposite to milkmaid braid. In this style, two equal side braids are tied to each other with a ribbon at the nape of the neck. This style looks really good from the back side.

# Flower Laced Boxer Braid

Boxer braids are nothing but double Dutch braids. This look needs two equal sections of hair. Start doing dutch braids from the temples of hair adding a little hair from each side. When you reach the nape of the neck, tie the loose ends with colorful hair clips.

# Large Double Braid

This gives a voluminous look to your kid’s hair. For this look do three separate but equal simple plait and secure their ends. Now, do another braid with these three smaller braids as strands and your kid will be ready to steal the show!

# Viking Braids

This style looks awesome with naturally relaxed hair. For this look make 4-5 equal vertical sections in the front hair. Do french braids or dutch braid on each section. Let the ends lay loose with the rest of the hair at the back.

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