Engage Drizzle Deo Review

by Prachi Singh
3 minutes read

Who is it for? Engage Drizzle Deo is for those who are looking for a refreshing pocket-friendly deo. Which has both floral and musk tones to it?


190/- for 165ml

Sensitivity Alert?

Yes, may cause irritation on sensitive skin.

How To Use?
  1. Pull the cap
  2. Press the pump dispenser
  3. And spray it on your clothes (don’t apply directly on your body alcohol may darken the area)

Engage Drizzle Deo

My experience with Engage Drizzle Deo


Comes in a sturdy silver metal packaging with grey cap. It’s quite travel friendly. Cute graphics is printed on all over the body of the packaging.


Contains no gas at all. And is colourless, if you apply it by keeping it too close to the fabric, then it leaves wet colourless stain which evaporates quick.


Fresh floral fragrance dominates the top notes. And a bit hint of musk on lower notes. It instantly gives a refreshing feel and boosts your mood. On a sunny day it is calming to wear. Such fragrance is loved by both sex. It has no sweet smell to it, so its apt for both men and women.

Ease of Application

No hassle at all. It’s quite easy-peezy.


The fragrance doesn’t linger for long. Just after an hour of application, it starts fading away. After 3-4 hours it fades away completely.

My Experience

I don’t have a strong odor so I can swear by this one just by applying it once. But if you have a strong odor or you will go for some cardio activity then, pick a strong deo. On days when I need to travel, I keep a pocket perfume and don’t really rely on it. Its fragrance is moderate, not strong enough to give you a headache. I have a sensitive nose so can’t really cope with a strong fragrance. For some reason, my nose starts to itch, but not with this one. So since years now I am sticking by this one.

Overall performance of Engage Drizzle Deo

  1. Doesn’t cause headache
  2. Has a refreshing fragrance
  3. Has muskiness too.
  4. Easy to carry and use
  5. No gas
  1. Has alcohol
  2. Doesn’t stay for long
Would I repurchase/recommend?

Yes, but purchase only if you are looking for something moderate.

Rating 4/5

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