Khadi Orange And Lemongrass Hair Conditioner Review

by Prachi Singh
3 minutes read

Who is it for? Khadi Orange And Lemongrass Hair Conditioner is for those who are looking for lightweight, SLS and Paraben free conditioner.

Khadi Orange And Lemongrass Hair Conditioner

Price and quantity

INR 235/- for 210 ml.

My Experience with Khadi Orange And Lemongrass Hair Conditioner


Transparent bottle packaging with a black cap is basic for any Khadi hair product. I will say the packaging does its job. Nothing about it will impress or hinder you in any manner. Just the transparency helps you keep a check on the content left.


It has Mild citrus, refreshing fragrance, which Fades away minutes after you have washed off.

Color and texture

Milky white color and its runny consistency can be quite messy at times. Generally, you end up squeezing more product than required, as it just keeps on flowing. So be careful there.

My experience

Okay, so I had huge expectations from this product. Most products that I have used from the brand have managed to keep up with the claims. This one didn’t live up to it. I have almost finished the entire bottle and I am highly disappointed with the results. I have an oily scalp with dry ends. So, I need something which restores the moisture in my strands. This product categorically claims to restore elasticity and make hair manageable. It does make a little difference, but not an impactful one! My hair feels dry and sucked out of moisture the very next day after shampooing. So in case if you do not shampoo every day, it gets worse for you. I could not keep my hair open at all, Because my hair looked like a birds nest. In the past few years, my hair has never felt so worse. With this product, I was using khadi aloe vera shampoo. It came to my mind that it might not be the conditioner but the shampoo which might be harsh. But then, I used the shampoo with varied conditioner as well. And my hair was doing just fine.

Overall Performance of Khadi Orange And Lemongrass Hair Conditioner

What did I like about the product?
  1. NO SLS
  3. Light fragrance
  4. Sturdy travel-friendly packaging
  5. Availability
  6. Has natural ingredients
  7. A bottle goes long
What I Didn't like about the product
  1. Not apt for frizzy hair
  2. Does almost nothing to the hair
  3. Runny texture
  4. Doesn’t locks in moisture
  5. You need to keep the product for 5-7 minutes. Unlike other conditioners.
  6. Not value for money
Will, I recommend/repurchase?

Now if you need something that lightly moisturises your hair. And has no chemicals in it, then you can go for it. Do not go for this product if you have dry, frizzy hair. And I am never buying this product ever again.



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