Vaseline Deep Restore Moisturizing Cream Review

by Prachi Singh
4 minutes read

Who is it for? Vaseline Deep Restore Moisturizing Cream is for those who are looking for a deeply nourishing body cream. Which moisturizes skin till its deepest layer.

Price and quantity

150 ml for Rs.160/- and 250 ml for 230/-

Vaseline Deep Restore Moisturizing Cream Review

My Experience with Vaseline Deep Restore Moisturizing Cream


Tub, wide-mouthed, plastic container with a screw cap is sturdy and compact in size. Travel-friendly though, not so user-friendly and hygienic. It has an aluminum coverage as well like the Nivea ones. Comes in a big jar as well which is good for a family pack.


Has mild sweet fragrance which lasts for a while after application. It won’t bug you in any manner. Rather, it feels extremely Soothing.

Color and texture

It has thick cream like consistency which feels a bit sticky after massaging and leaves oily finish too. Light yellowish color gives an impression of turmeric content in it, which it lacked after I checked the ingredients list. It spreads like butter on the skin. I will recommend you to use it on wet skin, in order to not overdo the quantity.

My experience

I absolutely loved this body cream, it is my first exploration in body cream segment. I have always been the lotion kid. And trust me, I have been highly disappointed with Vaseline body lotions. My skin just doesn’t listen to it. It’s one those skin which needs a good amount of moisturization even in summers. How most people construe deep and intense nourishment as just a winter thing and lighter formulas for summers. Well, that’s not my case.  I need heavy moisturization 365 days.

This did moisturize my skin for above 12 hours and also passed the “nail scratch test” which is often shown in the T. V. ads. I use it once or twice a day. And my skin just feels absolutely fine, even after using harsh soaps. Also, most Lotion fails at moisturizing knuckles and knees, in which this passed. And made it appear lighter after multiple uses.

Overall Performance of Vaseline Deep Restore Moisturizing Cream

What did I like about the product?
  1. Deeply moisturizes skin
  2. Lightens knuckles and knees
  3. Passes nail scratch test
  4. Mild, Soothing fragrance
  5. Value for money
What I didn't like in the product?
  1. Tub packaging
  2. Contains paraben
  3. Feels sticky after applying

Rating 5/5 (just for the Moisturization)

Best Place to Buy This?

Will, I recommend/repurchase?

A big yes to both! (just don’t forget its a body cream and not a face cream)

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