C Section Vs Natural Birth – Which Is Better ?

by Apoorwa Verma
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We have always been wondering which one is better – natural birth or c section /cesarean??? But most important is that both of them is having both pros and cons. In many of the conditions vaginal or so-called normal delivery is preferred but C section needs to be done when any sort of complications arises. C sections are planned in few of the cases where vaginal delivery is risky to the health of either mother or the baby. C sections become very necessary in cases when delivering a very large baby in a mother with a small pelvis, or if the baby is not in a proper head down position. Although C sections are considered safe they also carry additional risks compared to vaginal birth. It involves opening of pregnant mothers abdomen and removing the baby from the uterus. On contrary, Women themselves feel more confident and natural while giving birth to the child vaginally. First, let’s look at the basics of both of them –

C Section Vs Natural Birth

Normal delivery?

Vaginal delivery is delivery that occurs through vaginal route. Sometimes Episiotomy can be required to ease out delivery as it widens the vaginal canal.

It requires less hospital stay for the delivery to be conducted. In villages and in many places, still many deliveries are conducted and completed at home only, without any skilled practitioner. Such activities can sometimes prove out be lethal both for the mother and the baby.

It is always said that if the mother is not having any complications then a vaginal birth is always preferred over C section. It is always best for your future pregnancy.

Pros of Vaginal Delivery - 
  • Recovery time is short

Everything happens naturally and you need not go through the surgical procedure, the body gets recovered early.

  • Less hospital stay

Yes! You need not stay in the hospital for long . Once you are out of any illness and has started breastfeeding, you can come back home.

  • Avoid major surgery

As it is a natural procedure, no surgical interventions are required to deliver the baby. Yes, in few cases episiotomy can be required to ease out delivery.

  • Avoid complications like severe bleeding

A lot of blood loss occurs in a surgery. No surgery, no blood loss.

  • No abdominal scarring

No stitches are given over the abdominal area, you are free from scar marks.

  • No side effects of anesthesia
  • Breastfeeding can be started immediately

Mother can start breastfeeding of the baby as soon as possible. Many times the baby is first fed within 2 hours only.

  • No prone chances of infections

You are free from hospital-acquired infections, as no long stay is required.

  • Low mortality risk
  • Baby is completely matured at the time of birth

Mother has to go through long labor for vaginal delivery and labor starts naturally, so there are no probable chances of birth of a premature baby.

  • All vital organs are well developed i.e, lungs
Cons of Vaginal Delivery - 
  • Requires stitches over the vaginal area

In few cases, where the vaginal canal is not wide enough to facilitate the birth of the baby, in such cases incision is given over vaginal area to widen the birth passage.

  • Has to endure pain

Yes! It’s very fearful to imagine. Mother has to go through long labor pain in vaginal delivery.

  • More chances of skin stretching and tear
  • More prone to future bowel or urinary incontinence

More pressure needs to be exerted over the vaginal area to facilitate the birth of the baby, a  lot of tissue trauma takes place in pelvic area due to which future bowel and urinary incontinence may arise.

  • Risk of trauma to the baby during delivery increases

As during birth, fetal head crosses through the narrow vaginal canal so there are more chances of injury to the baby.

  • Can experience lingering pain in the perineum
  • Can cause stress incontinence
Caesarean Section or C  section?

C section can be defined as the surgical delivery of the baby. It is done by giving incision on the mother’s abdomen and uterus. It is usually done in cases where vaginal delivery can prove out to be lethal to the health of both mother and the baby. As it is surgically done, so it can be planned when to be done. It is done in cases of twin pregnancy, high blood pressure, any obstructed labor etc. It is usually done in emergency cases but can also be done when insisted by the mother to have C section. An incision is usually made in the lower abdomen of the mother which is usually 15 cm. Uterus is then opened and the baby is delivered.

Pros of C- section - 
  • No need to bear long labor pain

It is a planned delivery, so mother need not face long unbearable labor pain.

  • Can plan the delivery

The due date for the delivery of the baby can be decided and can be shifted even for few days or vice – versa.

  • Less chance to suffer from incontinence
  • Less prone to sexual problems
  • No trauma to pelvic floor

Baby is delivered through the lower abdominal area so there is no trauma to the pelvic floor due to which there are no chances of urinary incontinence.

Cons of C- section - 
  • Incorrect calculation of delivery date can lead to problems

Many times, this situation can arise as many women even nowadays are not aware of their dates of missed periods, which can lead to the wrong estimation of the delivery date.

  • Premature birth of the baby can take place

Wrong estimation of dates can lead to early delivery and as a result, premature birth of the baby can take place.

  • Heavy blood loss
  • Anesthesia leads to complications

Spinal block is usually given in such cases, which can lead to future complications. Moreover, the site remains painful for life in cases of many women.

  • Highly prone to various infections and blood clots too

As it is a surgical procedure, there are very high chances of infections taking place due

to the unhygienic setup of hospital, instruments etc.

  • High mortality rate
  • Can lead to complications related to breastfeeding

Recovery after the operation is quite delayed due to which early breastfeeding of the baby could not be done. In some cases, it even takes 3 to 4 days for breastfeeding to start.

  • More chances to suffer from postnatal depression
  • Baby can develop certain breathing problems
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