MAC Pervette Dupe

by Mallika Dharmani
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MAC Pervette Dupe: Is there a Pervette in all of us??Not sure how many of you will agree with this statement or confess to this question but how about bringing out that *that side in you * with this pretty pink. The brand claims it to be cool lavender pink with a frosty finish to it which is permanent.

MAC Pervette Dupes 1

Image Credit: Pinterest

A purple-pink shade with a light dusting of glittery frost so if the purple-pink is your thing you can check these two dupes.

# MAC Pervette vs. Revlon Lip Butter Gumdrop
MAC Pervette Dupes 2

Image Credit: Vampy Varnish

Revlon has always been a promising brand which is a perfect dupe for the Pervette. It has that frosty finish and the color is an absolute match as well. This dupe comes for a price of $6.Like the name suggests it is lip butter so it’s definitely moisturizing so the fear of drying out your lips is eliminated.

#MAC Pervette vs. NYX Baby Pink
MAC Pervette Dupes

Image Credit: Pinterest

NYX dupe for just $4 and the color matches pretty well. If I talk about the texture it doesn’t appear to be frosty at all. So it’s just the color that matches and it’s a dupe SANS FROST – SANS SHIMMER. For me, it might not be the first priority since the frost finish is missing. Those of you who prefer the color likeliness and would like to use an additional shimmer gloss they can go for this dupe too.


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