Salabhasana or Locust Pose

by Pallavi Bose
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Salabhasna is one of the major yoga poses which targets towards reducing stress and tension and helps to digest your food in a better way. This is a resting pose as majority of steps involve to stay resting in this position. The art is not to do this step but to stay stagnant in this position. This position teaches your mind how to relax and stay focused. This is also known as the balancing yoga pose as your body is much more aware about itself in this position. This also acts as a back strengthening pose.

Salabhasana or Locust Pose

What should you remember before doing Salabhasna 

There are some basic and important steps which you must remember before doing Salabhasna –

  1. Keep your stomach and system empty before doing this yoga pose
  2. Have your meal at least 4-6 hours before doing this asana
  3. Try to do this yoga in the morning as this is the first yoga pose to be done in morning. But if you cannot do it in morning, then it’s fine to do the same in evening also
How to do Salabhasna 

Following are some of the basic and very easy steps to do Salabhasna –

  1. Stay in an upside position and place your hands at the adjacent sides
  2. Begin inhaling and gradually release your legs and upper torso
  3. Now, gradually lift your legs without even a slight bend in your knees with the help of your inner thighs. Make sure that your body weight should be rested on our lower ribs and abdomen
  4. Hold this position for some time and finally release
Precautions while doing Salabhasna 

There are some specific set of precautions which you must take care while doing Salabhasna –

  1. Pregnant women must avoid this exercise at any cost
  2. In case of headache, migraine, neck injury or any other injury avoid salabhasna at any cost
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