How to Look Beautiful Naturally

by Nikhita Ferreira
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How to Look Beautiful Naturally: For most girls, growing up can be quite a nightmare. During our teenage years, we are constantly worried about our skin. It is during these years that we tend to have pimple breakouts or have to deal with acne issues. Once we enter our 20’s, it’s not as bad as we tend to take good care of our skin with a proper routine. But, once we are in the late ’20s, we start stressing again! We start worrying about entering the so called ‘dirty thirties’ and the skin issues that come along with it.

How to Look Beautiful in Your 30s

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Around the age of 30, wrinkles start emerging, we start losing hair,  faint lines around the eyes turn into crow’s feet and acne might make a comeback too. Hormones play a huge role in this. It is at this time that hormones start changing and causing a lot of skin problems. And not just skin, even our hair gets affected. So if all this is worrying you, continue reading, as I help you with a few easy tricks to Look Beautiful in Your 30s.

  • Face Wash:

Make sure that you cleanse your face at regular intervals. If you use makeup, it is necessary that you clean it all up before hitting the sack. Also, make sure that you are using a cleanser that is made for your skin type. It’s is best that you consult with a dermatologist and use products accordingly. See: How to Choose the RIGHT Face Wash?

  • Sunscreen :

A lot of us seem to think that it’s okay to not use a sunscreen during the monsoon and winter season. But, that’s completely wrong. UVA rays are constant through the year and the work as anti agers, so wearing a UVA/UVB sun protection all year round is a must.See: 5 Sunscreen Facts You MUST know !!

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Awesome Day Cream

  • Hydrate:

It is absolutely necessary to keep yourself well hydrated, internally and externally. Drink plenty of water to replenish and hydrate your skin from the inside. For the outside, use a good moisturizer after bathing on the slightly damp body to keep your skin well hydrated. See Detox Water !!

  • Brighten Up

Experiment and find what colors and styles work for you. Opt for bright colors and try and stay away from dull shades. Also, figure out what your best features are and wear styles that will enhance that.

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  • Makeup Tricks

There are tricks in makeup too, that you can use to look younger. As we age, the skin between our eyes and brows tend to look wrinkled and saggy. So make sure that your eyebrows are well shaped and are not too thin. With the help of a highlighter, you can give your brows a sharper and well-defined look by placing the product just below the arch. Also, lips shrink with age. So placing a little highlighter at the cupids bow and at the center of the lower lip will give it a fuller look.

  • Anti Ageing Skincare

Whenever you’re using products for your skin, look for key ingredients that will work well for it. Ingredients like anti-oxidants, Vitamin C, glycolic and hyaluronic acid prevent premature aging and keep your skin fresh and bright.

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  • The Right Haircut

When it comes to your haircut, cut it according to your face shape. If you’re a mom, don’t take the easy route and go short. While it may work for some shapes, for others it could only make you look older.  For those with long faces, short hair will look lovely. For the others, stick to long hair. See: The Perfect Haircut for Every Face Shape

  • Skip the Crazy

Currently, fashion colors like blue and green and trending. And a lot of older women who are trying to look young, give into this trend. But that’s the biggest mistake you can make. It isn’t the age to go funky, but it is the right age to enhance your natural beauty. So go in for subtle colors that match your skin tone and skip the crazy route.

5 Easy Hairstyles for College

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  • Hair Styling

When styling your hair, don’t go for completely pulled back hairstyles as that will only display the fine lines more. Face framing updos will be more age appropriate and will soften any lines.See: 5 Easy Hairstyles

Follow these easy tips and be sure to walk into your 30s feeling fresher and more beautiful than ever!

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