What is Shahtoot and what are its Benefits ?

by Anupma SD
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Mulberry fruit is known as Shahtoot Fruit in Hindi. It is delicious, nutritious and enjoyed by everyone around the world. Mulberries are obtained from the Morus alba tree, where even its leaves contain nutrients and serve as food for silkworms. Its growth is mainly in temperate regions. They are used widely for their unique sweet flavor, as well as the composition of different nutrients. There are different types of mulberry like white, red, black and blue. The fruit resembles blackberry in appearance but tastes like grapes. Mulberry is rich in protein, Vitamin C and K, fiber and iron. You’ll be amazed at the benefits derived from Shahtoot.


Benefits of Shahtoot

  1. Due to the presence of a good amount of dietary fibers, mulberries facilitate proper digestion, relieving constipation as well as helping you to lose weight.
  2. It lowers cholesterol which in turn reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems.
  3. White mulberries help control and maintain blood sugar levels by breaking down sugar in the gut.
  4. The entire mulberry plant is rich in antioxidants, such as resveratrol which helps in curbing the growth and spread of cancerous cells.
  5. Improves blood circulation by controlling blood pressure and cleansing blood. It increases the production of red blood cells. Polyphenol keeps the blood vessels healthy.
  6. Cures anemia as it’s rich in iron.
  7. The fiber, antioxidants, and flavonoids present in mulberries prevent heart attacks and strokes.
  8. Mulberries also improve vision and protect your eyes from free radicals, which may otherwise lead to a loss in eyesight. Carotenoids present in this fruit prevent cataracts and macular degeneration.
  9. Mulberries aid in maintaining brain health by providing calcium to the brain such that it keeps the loss of memory at bay.
  10. Mulberry improves the immune system by activating the macrophages through alkaloids. Macrophages are white blood cells that alert your immune system. Vitamin C is another component present in this fruit that strengthens immunity.
  11. Due to abundant iron, calcium, and Vitamin K, bone degeneration is prevented. The combination of these nutrients maintains and builds strong bones and bone tissues.
  12. Mulberries promote liver health as well as remove blemishes from your skin. They have anti-aging properties.

How to Include Shahtoot in the daily diet

  1. You can consume the mulberry fruit directly as an energy snack or mix it with other fruits to make a fruit salad.
  2. You can make juice out of the fruit pulp
  3. You can also mix it with pancake batter.
  4. You can make tea out of mulberry leaves.
  5. You can also consume it in form of syrups or make sorbet.

Side effects of Shahtoot

There are a few things to be kept in mind while eating mulberries.

  1. Those who are suffering from kidney disorders should avoid the intake of mulberry as it is rich in potassium.
  2. It can lower blood sugar levels.
  3. Can cause allergic reactions like itching, skin rashes or swelling.
  4. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult a doctor before consumption of mulberries.
  5. May lead to hallucinations, in rare cases.
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