Maybelline Cream Caramel Lipstick Review

by Apurva
10 minutes read

Who is it for? Maybelline Cream Caramel Lipstick is for those who love slightly glossy lipsticks. Maybelline New York ColorShow range has come up with some really beautiful shades.

Maybelline Cream Caramel Lipstick

Price- Rs.299 (3.9 gm.)

My experience with Maybelline Cream Caramel Lipstick


It comes in a rectangular, easy to carry packaging, the bottom of the lipstick contains the details of the shade. Then the lipstick roll, it has a black body. The body does not contain the name of the brand.


The texture is quite good. It glides very smoothly and you don’t need to apply even a little pressure for getting the application done.


The shade of the lipstick is orange. It gives a little lighter shade and is a little glittery.  One swipe leaves the exact amount of color on the lips. The shade will not suit the medium and darker skin tones.


Pigmentation is very light; the shade which appears on the lipstick is not what you will get on the lips. Plus the glitter effect; it shines a bit in sunlight.

Staying power-

Well, the staying power is not so good. It stays for 2.5 hours only. It cannot survive light meals.

Why did I like it?
  1. Packaging is good, the lipstick caps are tight
  2. Travel-friendly
  3. The shade is satisfactory
  4. Texture is perfect
  5. affordable
Why didn’t I like it?
  1. A little glossy and shimmery
  2. Transfers a little
  3. does not survive heavy meals
  4. Leaves a little pigmentation after removal
  5. Staying power is not good
Would I recommend it?

I personally did not like this shade by Maybelline New York very much as it looked like a neon orange on me. Although, it looks normal in the photographs. I would not recommend this lipstick shade.

Overall rating- 3.7/5.0

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