Skin Lightening Using Lemons- Do it the Right Way !

by Mallika Dharmani
9 minutes read

When life gives you lemons you use it to make your own fairness cream: D Lemons! Lovely lemons!These tangy sour fruits used to make refreshing lemonade are also the key to skin brightening.We are obsessed with the idea of looking fair and milky white.However the Indian skin tone in itself is a beautiful color still we all are running to get that white flawless skin.If you are hunting for a fairness cream to make you look whiter 😛 then skin bleaching using lemons might be the thing for you.Try the Skin Lightening Using Lemons , depending on your skin type!

lemon for skin lightening

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Lemons contain natural bleaching agents which bleach the skin but in a natural way.The bleach present in lemons is mild But enough to lighten the skin over time.It won’t give you an overnight miracle but overtime it does make your skin lighter giving you your dream fair white look.

Before you use this your skin should not be cracked and if you have acne you need to be very careful while using lemons.It’s true that lemon juice reduces acne because of its anti Bacterial properties and also lightens acne scars overtime but the application of the lemon juice on acne or newly acne scarred areas might cause irritation or burning sensation.If you have no acne on your face this treatment still might cause a little irritation. To solve this we dilute the lemon juice

For Dry Skin Type

If you have dry skin mix equal parts of lemon and glycerin and keep the bottle in the refrigerator to keep it chilled.

Apply this before going to bed daily.

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For Normal Skin

If you have normal skin you can dilute the lemon juice by mixing it with an equal amount of rose water. Keep this mixture in a spray bottle and you can simply spray it on your face when you want. Once or twice a day as you wish.

Acne Prone Skin

If you have acne Apple cider vinegar is great for your face. Mixing it with lemon will further help in skin whitening and scar diminishing. Mix the two in equal parts and add an equal part of rose water to it too.Keep your mixture in a small jar or bottle and refrigerate to keep it chilled

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Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin you might want to do a patch test first.Also don’t go out in the sun after applying lemon to your skin as this can cause serious Sun burns.

lemon for skin lightening 3

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Using lemons might dry out your skin too much hence using glycerin can be useful. If you find your skin to be too dry after using this then you can use this every alternative day.

It’s best to use this at night before you go off to sleep.Do let me know guys how this worked out for you and please comment for any queries and feedback.


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Smriti March 7, 2018 - 4:18 PM

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My skin is sensitive to raw lemon juice. This article gave me ideas to use lemon juice with other skin friendly ingredients..
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Something to try before going to bed today!
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